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Siesta Key Thursday, Mar. 8, 2012 9 years ago

Letter to the Editor


+ Reader supports proposed park project
Dear Editor:

In response to the Feb. 9 article about the proposed opportunity for the Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast to purchase a parcel on Ocean Boulevard, turn it into a beautiful park and take over responsibility for park maintenance, I’d like to voice my support.

Though I understand that the residents/owners of the condominiums on Ocean Boulevard near the parcel want to prevent their property values from decreasing, keeping the situation as it is, with a vacant lot that attracts loitering and has absolutely no upkeep or maintenance, is creating the opposite effect.  

The Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast wishes to protect that open space and turn it into something beautiful and functional. It is a fact that parks contribute to property values and our overall quality of life in Southwest Florida.  

It is my hope that residents of Siesta Key will see the value of a Gulf-front park that can be visited to watch the sunset and enjoy the beautiful view and that they will voice their support for this valuable project.
Rena Greenberg
Siesta Key

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