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East County Wednesday, Sep. 19, 2018 1 year ago

Lakewood Ranch neighbors have ruf relations

Interesting Sheriff's Office reports from the Lakewood Ranch, Bradenton, Sarasota areas.
by: Jay Heater Managing Editor

Sept. 7


15000 Skip Jack Loop, Bradenton

Information only: A Sheriff's Office deputy was dispatched in reference to an altercation between two neighbors. Upon arrival the deputy met with a father and son who were walking a small dog. A neighbor who lived three doors down from them pointed pepper spray at the dog. The son said the dog is friendly and did not provoke the neighbor. The deputy talked to the neighbor who said he was going to the mailbox when he came into co.  ntact with the dog, who he said was barking at him aggressively and attempting to lunge at him. The neighbor said he pointed the pepper spray at the dog because he was in fear for his safety. The deputy then talked to a woman who lived across the street from the altercation and she said the dog was being aggressive. She thought the dog had bit the neighbor, but he said he was not bit but wanted a police report generated due to past incidents with the animal. The neighbor was told to call animal control if he had any other issues with the dog.

Sept. 10


8400 block of Lockwood Ridge Road, Sarasota

Suspicious circumstance: A man called the Sheriff's Office to report while he was drinking beer in the parking lot of a fitness gym, he saw a maroon foreign car running with its windows down. The man decided to investigate and approached the vehicle. When approximately 10 yards from the vehicle, the man told a deputy he saw a male jump from the backseat to the front. He said the man put the car into reverse and began to chase him. He said the man was smoking meth or doing something else obscene in the car. The first man said the driver sprayed him with hornet spray in the eyes. The first man said he picked up concrete rocks and began throwing them at the vehicle. He said he hit the maroon vehicle on the hood and the windshield. The first man said the car then exited the parking lot. The first man said he went into a department store and washed his face. However, the deputy said the man's shirt was completely dry, his eyes were bloodshot and glassy and he had no skin irritation due to being sprayed by hornet spray. There was no scent of insect spray. The deputy said the first man kept saying he wanted five minutes alone with the man who sprayed him. The first man went on a rant about the state of American politics and all the possibilities of what the second man might be doing. The deputy told the man to contact law enforcement if a vehicle appears to be suspicious. The first man said he was an American and would continue to investigate people in parked cars doing illegal activities.

Sept. 13


12000 block of State Road 64 East, Bradenton

Trespassing structure: A man reported seeing an unknown man jumping the fence to his neighbor's yard. The reporting party went to the neighbor's property and observed a man standing next to the fence next to several boxes. The reporting party yelled at the unknown man, who continued to walk to the back of the property to a pole barn. The reporting party said his neighbor told him no one was supposed to be on the property. When deputies arrived, a canine patrol was unable to locate the trespasser.. Multiple new appliances were located on the property that did not belong to the home owner. A bicycle was found on the property that did not belong to the owner. The appliances and bicycle were confiscated and placed into property and evidence.

Sept. 16


2800 block of 57th Drive East, Bradenton

Domestic disturbance: A woman called the Sheriff's Office because her former girlfriend knocked on her bedroom window for hours. When deputies arrived, the former girlfriend was still standing in the middle of the street and attempting to call the woman who had called deputies. The reporting party said she did not respond to the woman knocking on the window even thought she heard and saw her. Eventually, due to the duration and force of the constant knocking on the window, the window cracked. A small piece of the window fell out. After the window broke, the first woman called 911. The woman doing the knocking stopped immediately and the left the property. The woman doing the knocking said she did not intend to break the window and had no intention of making entry. She said she still had property inside the residence she wanted to collect. The first woman just wanted her former girlfriend to leave. Domestic packets were given to both parties.

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