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Cops Corner
East County Sunday, Oct. 22, 2017 3 years ago

Cops Corner: Unclaimed cows face jail

A round up of this week's most interesting police reports from Manatee County.
by: Jay Heater Managing Editor

Oct. 10


30000 block of Clay Gully Road, Myakka City

Unclaimed property: A man called the Sheriff's Office because he found two cows wandering on the road. The man put the cows in his fenced property and then tried to locate an owner. After several hours with no luck, the man contacted the Sheriff's Office. Deputies attempted to find an owner for two days with no results, using phone calls, Facebook and a door-to-door search. The cows were impounded and taken to Manatee County Jail's work farm pending an auction if no owner comes forward.


Oct. 11


7800 Wauchula Road, Myakka City

Criminal mischief/grand theft: A man contacted the Sheriff's Office after finding the lock on his gate had been cut off and his car had been stolen. The man told deputies he had purchased the vehicle from another man who had a business relationship with him. The first man said the deal was written on a piece of paper, no banks were involved and the title never went into his name. When their business relationship ended, the second man said he wanted the car back. The first man refused to give the car back. He believes the second man entered his property and took possession of the car.


OCT,. 12


500 block of Honeyflower Loop, Bradenton

Lost property: A woman reported to the Sheriff's Office that her husband has placed her wallet on top of her vehicle and forgot it. The said she left her home in the vehicle to pick up her children and did not realize it was on top of the vehicle. When she couldn't locate the wallet, her husband remembered he had place it on top of the car. She believes it fell off during her trip. She has been unable to find the wallet, which contains her driver's license, Social Security card, her two minor children`s socials, her debit card, insurance cards and approximately $40 in cash.


OCT. 14


15000 Waterline Road, Bradenton

Suspicious circumstances: A woman contacted the Sheriff's Office because she felt her husband set off a bug bomb in her house knowing she was there. The two are currently in divorce proceedings but are living in the same house. The two had been texting about problems with fleas in the home. The man informed her he would be coming to the house to set off the bug bombs. The woman said she was taking a shower when she heard her husband's voice. Shortly afterward, she heard her husband leave the home. When she went into her living room, she smelled a strong odor which was a Hot Shot Flea Bomb. She believes her husband knew she was in the shower and set off the flea bomb intentionally. She said she was experienced coughing and difficultly breathing since inhaling the fumes.

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