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East County Wednesday, Aug. 3, 2022 6 days ago

Lakewood Ranch CDD 4, Seat 2: Keith Davey

Meet the candidate.
I am a solid candidate for this position because:

As the current supervisor and a long time Greenbrook resident, I’ll continue working with the board to improve our community. Specifically, I’ll continue to work to establish and maintain financial stability for our community by controlling costs, creating reserves for future expenses, and establishing a process to improve and replace district assets without an unexpected impact on the residents. I'll continue to work on the overall appearance of landscaping and the lakes within Greenbrook to meet or exceed resident’s expectations and ensure it is consistent with the standards that existed when they purchased their home. I'll continue to work to continue upgrades to our Adventure Park, bike paths, trails, and open space areas. (I will work with) the quarterly Greenbrook Safety Committee to identify and resolve safety issues within the district. These meetings are held with Sheriff’s Office deputies and security personnel to answer questions from residents and provide security suggestions.


This experience makes me a qualified candidate:

I’ve been a CDD supervisor for 12 years and chairman of the Greenbrook Safety Committee for 15 years. Previously, I served as president of the Greenbrook Homeowners Association for two years. I also served as president of the Lakewood Ranch Community Fund and president of the Lakewood Ranch Civic Action Forum.


These are two big issues that I hope to tackle:

I’ll continue to work with the other supervisors to provide financial stability by continuing to improve the policies and procedures to ensure costs are controlled to maintain and improve overall resident satisfaction. I'll continued to maintain Greenbrook’s overall appearance by confirming the quality of services that are delivered meet (and exceed) the expectations of residents (e.g. landscaping, lakes, parks, paths, etc.).


I want to serve because:

I have experience assessing potential problems, evaluating various solutions, and selecting the best alternative to maintain and improve the issues described above.


I would like to add: 

As your supervisor, I’ll ensure the quarterly Greenbrook Safety Committee meetings are maintained and continue to solicit suggestions and recommendations from our residents regarding safety and maintenance of Greenbrook’s assets.

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