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Arts and Entertainment Friday, Sep. 7, 2012 9 years ago

John Macy walks his talk

by: Kimberly Braun

 How do you merge a business approach with caring spiritual ideals? John Macy, the original owner of Macy’s Pest Control, provides us with a living model right here in our community, and he's going to tell us how he does it. In fact, John attributes their success to a single-hearted commitment to their vision.

The mission of Macy’s Pest Control, from John to present owner Dean Burnside, reads as following:

Our Purpose is to represent Jesus Christ to the Gulf Coast by providing peace of mind at a fair price, protecting our environment as the leader in green pest management, and serving others with excellence in all we do.

In warm, gregarious tones, John told me how they put it into practice.

First of all, you care about the type of service you offer to your customers. Macy’s does this by keeping in stride with the latest in organic products. John clearly knew his stuff: He explained the unique invasion patterns of four different types of roaches (American, Australian, Brown-bandid and German) and two types of termites (subterranean and dry wood), and how Macy’s protects homes from each of these insects. He also happily told me that when Dupont put out the first "no-risk" liquid pesticide for termites, called Altriset, Macy’s was the first company to buy it. 

This is true care for family, for pets and for the environment. Macy’s success with Altriset was so great, Dean is a national spokesperson for the product.

"Altriset has optional eye and skin wash on the label and requires no protective clothing; and best of all," John beamed, "it actually works!"

Caring also involves hearing the needs of the local people. John endearingly refers to Sarasota as "the tree-hugging capitol of Florida," explaining that people here are chemically sensitive and environmentally conscious, pushing the need for alternatives.

According to John, this type of industry excellence requires that you "stay on target with the green industry," which is a second way they put their mission into practice; that is, to build people’s awareness by your own expertise. Clearly John is an expert; he could even explain to me how Altriset works non-agressively with the calcium receptors of the little bugs.

The third way Macy’s models their mission is by caring for their employees by creating a helpful, flexible, family-friendly business. The cookie-cutter approach to job demands finds no place in this company.

John Macy has personally brought character and vision to Macy’s through his own adventurous spirit. After founding the company in 1989 and selling it to Dean in 1998, he took on even more challenges through a personal truck stop ministry. Dean later invited John back to Macy's as an ambassador helping in sales. There is no better man to reach out to new customers, for John combines true sincerity and care with in-depth knowledge. You will also be surprised at how much you will share with him; to shake his hand is to become his friend.


Macy's proudly sponsors Sarasota Naturally. Come out and learn more from John and Dean about their Go Green Plus 3 treatment plan for your own home. Or visit to begin your education right now!  

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