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East County Wednesday, Jan. 13, 2010 8 years ago

Honor Sanctuary finds new home

by: Pam Eubanks Senior Editor

EAST COUNTY — It’s been about two months since Honor Sanctuary Animal Rescue found a home on Lorraine Road, but already the organization’s president has a taste for more.

If Cindy Morton sees her vision fulfilled, the 5-acre parcel could become a permanent establishment for animal-rescue efforts in East County and include an animal-adoption center.

“Every journey begins with the first step,” Morton said with a grin.

The property is being rented, but is expected to go up for sale. Although it isn’t officially on the market yet, Morton is hopeful Honor Sanctuary will be able to purchase it somehow.

“We’re renting it with the intent to acquire it as soon as possible,” she said. “This location is the heart of Lakewood Ranch."

“There is no adoption facility in the East County, except for Nate’s Place,” she said. “Ultimately, this could become the rescue-adoption center for (the area).”

For now, at least, the ranch is providing a place where animals can be nourished back to health and corrected of behavioral problems. Should the organization acquire the land, Morton believes it could be home to a newly constructed animal adoption center.

To help pay for the animals’ medical costs and other ongoing expenses, the site also could offer amenities such as a vet’s office, dog-boarding facility or dog daycare, Morton said. Naming rights to the property also could be sold.

“There’s lots of revenue potential in years to come,” she said.

But for now at least, volunteers are keeping busy organizing the facility and caring for animals.

Morton said the establishment will never replace the need to have volunteers foster animals in their homes, but it will allow the rescue group to take in more animals at a time when many animal rescue groups have reached capacity.

Honor Sanctuary is in need of volunteers for the new location as well as for fostering animals. For more information or to make a donation, visit

Contact Pam Eubanks at [email protected].

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