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An estate property in the Sanderling Club on Siesta Key ranks No. 1 on
Siesta Key Wednesday, Aug. 17, 2011 10 years ago

Homes on Siesta Key and Casey Key rank in the top 10


Siesta Key is relatively well known for its beaches, and now it may be recognized for its homes as well.

On a recent list compiled by, a Siesta Key home ranks No. 1 as the most “Spectacular Beach Home." Sarasota architect Guy Peterson organized the house's living spaces. He explains the color-coded “cubes” that make up living spaces of the home enrich the house’s concrete frame without compromising the simplicity the design. He adds that the use overhangs shades the property from direct sunlight but still allows for enough light for an impressive water view.

"Earning the top spot on such an impressive list of luxury properties is even more gratifying because the competition includes some of the most spectactularly-designed oceanfront homes in the Hamptons, Laguna Beach, Malibu, Carmel and Kamuela, Hawaii," said Linda Roe Dickinson, of Michael Saunders & Co., who is the listing agent for the Siesta Key property.

Another Sarasota property, titled “Oasis by the Sea," came in as No. 9 on the list. Michael Saunders & Company real-estate agent Deborah Beacham, who serves as the property's listing agent, said the home, which is on Casey Key, has an exclusive allure.

“ … there are no traffic lights, no high-rise condominiums and fewer than 400 single-family homes," Beacham said of Casey Key. "Casey Key is truly a destination for those who desire a location off the beaten path."

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