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Elizabeth Mopps
Arts and Entertainment Monday, Jul. 8, 2013 4 years ago

HIGHLIGHTS: Sarasota Orchestra Summer Camp

by: Mallory Gnaegy A&E Editor

More than 300 campers (and their instruments) head daily to Holley Hall for the three-week long camp that takes place from July 1 through July 19. The campers range from ages 8 to 18, which means, in some instances, their instruments are bigger than they are.

In the mornings, the string-session campers are divided into levels based on their ability and age. Midday is the choir session, and in the afternoons, the band session. There are 25 students who take the whole day of camp, in all three sessions.

On the third day of camp, in a rhythm class, students learn the right beat by playing with mallets on buckets, trashcans and metal baking dishes.

Just around the corner, the younger students are learning how to pluck and properly hold their bows in technique class. And a couple of doors down, there’s a group learning the names of the notes they are playing. They know they are playing F-sharp, and they know how it sounds.

The students are also busy perfecting the notes to “The Avengers” theme song. If they continue at the same rate by the end of week three, when the students perform a concert of the three or four songs they’ve perfected, they’ll rival the professionals.

See below for video.

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