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CDD Chairwoman Joyce Sandy and Supervisor Richard Lane discuss workshop opportunities with the Stoneybrook HOA.
East County Wednesday, Jul. 9, 2014 3 years ago

Heritage Harbour South CDD releases first draft of HOA agreement

by: Amanda Sebastiano Staff Writer

At a relatively orderly Heritage Harbour South Community Development District meeting, the supervisors reviewed the first attempt at a written agreement between the CDD and the Stoneybrook Homeowner's Association, July 8.

While HOA President Tom Bakalar said the association needs further time to review the drafted proposal, Supervisor Richard Lane wanted a few amendments made up front, before moving forward, such as adding that the CDD utilize the same maintenance man the HOA uses, to complete smaller duties around the community.

Lane also mentioned he didn't believe the CDD needed a voice in the HOA's bidding process for landscape-related vendors — another element expressed in the document.

Stoneybrook HOA members will discuss the document in detail later this month, in addition to a workshop held with CDD and HOA members. A date has not been set for the joint meeting, yet, but the supervisors agreed the workshop should take place prior to the next CDD meeting, Aug. 5.

To view the drafted proposal, visit

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