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Haile Middle School student Jordan Boyer said she loves how she can connect to people's emotions and experiences through the words of her songs. Her new song, "Goodbye Love," is scheduled to be released on iTunes soon.
East County Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2012 5 years ago

Haile student releases song, music video

by: Pam Eubanks Senior Editor

MANATEE COUNTY — Haile Middle School student Jordan Boyer has never been one to shy away from the spotlight.

But even for her, the events of the last few months, have been nearly blinding.

Not only has the 14-year-old recorded her first original song, “Goodbye Love,” but also she has her first professional music video to go with it.

“It blows my mind,” Boyer said. “It was crazy. I will never forget that feeling (of hearing the song and seeing the video for the first time).”

Boyer said she’s loved music and acting ever since she can remember and recalls singing around the house at just 4 years old and joining the Spotlight Kids Theater Troupe at age 7.

“I fell in love with it,” Boyer said of musical theater. “It was great. (In my first show) I played the guy that killed himself.”

Since then, Boyer has played characters such as the rabbit in “Alice in Wonderland,” and Louisa in “The Sound of Music, among others.

“I like theater, because you can play different characters — a snotty rich kid or a nerdy dork,” Boyer said. “Singing is two-in-one. You get to act, while you show off your voice.”

But Boyer’s theatrical ambitions took a more musical note last year after sending an audition tape to and being picked up by manager Christian Stolfe.

Boyer headed to Atlanta to record her original song, “Goodbye Love,” last fall.

And with the release of her first music video on websites such as YouTube and Vimeo last month, Boyer still is reeling in excitement, especially since so many of her friends were able to join in the experience with her.

“They wanted to use a school, and all my friends were here (at Haile),” Boyer said. “It was the perfect place to shoot it.”

Boyer’s dad’s house also provided the background for the video’s opening scene, Boyer said.

“I thought it was a lot of fun,” Boyer said of shooting the video. “It was comfortable for me. I know the territory, the location. It was less intimidating (to be with friends, too).

Additionally, Boyer met with the vocal coach for Taylor Swift about a month ago and recently began weekly voice lessons with her via Skype.

“She’s a lot of fun,” Boyer said. “I feel like she’s my friend. I’ve learned a lot from her (already). I think it’s a big deal she took me (as a client).”

Boyer said she has big goals for the year ahead, with plans to record three more original songs and another music video.

“We’re going to pitch (the songs) to different record labels and start touring around the country, hopefully,” Boyer said, grinning. “It makes me nervous sometimes, but I’m ready to do it. Let’s go.”

To view Boyer’s music video, visit and search for “’Goodbye Love’ Jordan Boyer," or click on the player below.

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