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Longboat Key Friday, Jun. 21, 2019 2 years ago

Gutridges use three components to stay healthy

Longboat Key residents David and Marcia Gutridge say nutrition, fitness and healthy relationships are key to their lifestyle.
by: Katie Johns Community Editor

There are three main components to Marcia and David Gutridge’s healthy lifestyle.

It all starts with fitness. Although both Gutridges keep a fitness routine, their workouts differ.

Every day, Marcia Gutridge takes a fitness class at the Longboat Key Club. She switches it up and attends various classes, such as weight lifting, aerobics, pilates and yoga, which she said ensures that each of her muscle groups are worked.

She said working out alongside other people inspires her and makes it fun.

Opposite of that, David Gutridge prefers to do his weightlifting at home. He said he doesn’t want to add extra time to his routine by having to drive to and from a gym. He keeps a chart of how many reps he does of each workout, which is how he motivates himself.

“You need a reason to keep yourself motivated,” Marcia Gutridge said. “Mine is the other girls in the class, and his is

his little chart of how many reps he does in each area.”

Although they get their workouts in separately, the Gutridges come together for tennis, golf and eating. Both of them belong to multiple tennis teams, including a mixed doubles team they play on together.

In addition to their daily tennis practices and games and their workouts, the Gutridges keep their hobbies active. They both golf and go out dancing. David Gutridge rides his bike to and from the tennis court most of the time, too.

The second component of their healthy lifestyle comes from nutrition.

Every morning, David Gutridge wakes Marcia up at 6:30 a.m. with breakfast.

Usually, it’s 21-grain toast with homemade peanut butter and fruit — specifically raspberry-stuffed blueberries.

The Gutridges meet for lunch, usually at home, and eat vegetables, salads and occasionally leftovers. For dinner, unless they eat out, they prepare meals together and stick to fish, rice and vegetables.

The couple seasons all of their meals with items they grow in their herb garden, which they often turn into homemade pesto. Basil, parsley, thyme, rosemary and spearmint add flavor to their meals without pesticides, Marcia Gutridge said.

Some of their staple meals include salmon with pesto and pasta or Thai chicken with rice.

“Anything we can make ourselves, we do,” Marcia Gutridge said. “We add fresh herbs to eggs and soup and fish.”

They have also planted mango, lemon, lime and avocado trees around their home to keep their menu growing.

The third and final component of their lifestyle, and one people sometimes forget, is maintaining relationships with friends and family.

Marcia Gutridge said nights out with friends used to just be dinner, but now, after getting involved with so many tennis teams, it includes tennis or pickleball and then dinner.

“Here on Longboat Key, it’s an incredible group of people,” Marcia Gutridge said. “They come here, almost all retired — they want to make friends, they want to do stuff, and they want to live a healthy lifestyle.”

Both said finding something that’s enjoyable is the key to maintaining an active lifestyle.

David Gutridge said he doesn’t like running, but he knows he can chase a tennis ball all day.

“Don’t hesitate to get involved in any of the sports because we found people are so helpful and willing to encourage you, even if you’re not the best player (or person) in exercise class,” Marcia Gutridge said. “Everybody is so encouraging.”

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