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East County Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2012 6 years ago

Guide Dogs seeks new puppy-raisers


Southeastern Guide Dogs is calling all puppy lovers as it readies to train a new group of guide dog puppies.
The school is looking for volunteers who wish to become puppy-raisers. Puppy-raisers receive a guide dog puppy when it is 9 weeks old and spend the next year loving, nurturing, training and exposing the puppies to the world, so that when they are paired up with visually impaired individuals, they will be dedicated guides.

“To see the puppy you raised now act as the eyes for a blind person is truly an amazing feeling,” co-area coordinator and puppy raiser Shay Doerner said. “Knowing that the work I put in is the reason that person now has their independence makes it all worth every minute.”

Southeastern Guide is especially looking for local puppy-raisers; it expects to have a number of puppies ready for training over the next few months.

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