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GreyHawk Landing’s original amenitiy center has been converted into a fitness center for residents.
East County Wednesday, Nov. 20, 2013 4 years ago

GreyHawk Landing opens amenity center

by: Josh Siegel Staff Writer

EAST COUNTY — GreyHawk Landing resident Debbi Romano couldn’t be more excited about the holiday season — and her community’s new amenity center.

“I’ve got a Christmas tree in my car, and we will unload it in here for the Holiday Bazaar,” said Romano, a member of GreyHawk’s Events Committee. “We will clear out the furniture and have the kids sit under the tree and listen to stories. We have loads planned. We have more space to work with now.”

About three months later than expected, GreyHawk Landing residents finally have their new pool and amenity center — a community hub with a lounge, library, kitchen, playground and other features.

The GreyHawk Landing Community Development District, which owns the facility, rented temporary parking lot lights so it could open the amenity center Oct. 31. Permanent lights will be installed next month.

“All of this energy that has occurred was just waiting to be uncovered,” said Ollie Kyte, chairman for the GreyHawk Landing Community Development District. “This place has revitalized people. They’re coming out in droves.”

Residents now have a place they can rent out for birthday parties and other events, host meetings and simply relax — the perfect centerpiece to a community that’s still growing — and hungry for more.

A brown leather couch, two matching chairs and a circular coffee table form the lounge. But the furniture can be rearranged and moved to a storage closet, as the Events Committee plans to do in December, for its Holiday Bazaar.

The amenity center stands in GreyHawk Landing West, the new portion of the community that will have 500 homes once finished. It has a more modern look than the old clubhouse, but it has flexible uses, including hosting CDD and other meetings.

The clubhouse has been converted into a fitness-and-recreation center with $15,000 worth of exercise equipment.

Kyte regrets the delay in opening of the new facility but promises the wait was worth it.

The GreyHawk CDD took control of the new pool and amenity center in July and expected to open it for public use later that month or in early August.

CDD members say bad weather and a delay in purchasing parking lot lights pushed the timeline back.
“People we’re crying out for this place, chomping at the bit, and now they have it,” Kyte said.

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