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Sarasota Thursday, Apr. 5, 2018 2 years ago

Sarasota Athlete of the Week: Gracie Mullett

The Sarasota Christian sophomore talks curveballs and staying positive.
by: Ryan Kohn Sports Reporter

Gracie Mullett is a sophomore on the Sarasota Christian softball team. Against Seacrest Country Day School on March 23, Mullett threw a complete game, allowing one earned run, and batted 2-for-4 with her first Blazers home run and two RBI in a 9-2 win. 

When did you start playing softball?

When I was 7. My parents (Randy and Judy Mullett) asked me if I wanted to try it, and I did.

What is the appeal to you?

Just being part of the team, working together and bonding with the girls.

What is your best skill?

Pitching. I have a good curveball, that's probably what I throw the most. 

What is your favorite memory?

My first in-game home run against Seacrest. I was so excited and happy rounding the bases. 

What is the biggest challenge you have faced?

Communication with the girls, just making sure everyone is on the same page. 

What is your dream vacation?

Going to Australia. I've always wanted to go, it seems so cool and pretty there. 

What is your favorite subject?

Science. I love learning about the Earth. 

What is your dream job?

I want to be either a dental hygienist or a dentist. 

What is the best advice you have received?

Work hard and always be positive. Keep others around you 'up.' There's no room for negativity. 

Finish this sentence: 'Gracie Mullett is ... '

... Awesome (laughs). I'm confident in myself. 

I’m the sports reporter for Sarasota and East County and a Missouri School of Journalism graduate. I was born and raised in Olney, MD. My biggest inspirations are Wright Thompson and Alex Ovechkin. My strongest belief is that mint chip ice cream is unbeatable.

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