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Arts and Entertainment Thursday, Mar. 8, 2012 8 years ago

Get to Know the Sarasota Opera: Young-Bok Kim

by: Kaye Warr



Young-Bok Kim’s deep bass voice has been hailed as commanding and, coupled with his regal stature, makes me think of a dashing and serious fairytale prince. The role of Raimondo the Chaplain in Lucia di Lammermoor is ultimately one of strength and support; but the tragedy that befalls the heroine is an unavoidable descent into madness, and poor Raimondo is helpless in the face of Lucia’s torment. I watched breathlessly as Young-Bok Kim’s face and voice expressed grief and anger on behalf of the poor girl, and by the end of the opera, transformed his character from chaplain to father figure.


Dining Diva: Where are you from?

Young-Bok Kim: Seoul, South Korea but I live in Staten Island, N.Y.


DD: What is your favorite food from home?

YK: Korean-style barbecue. Cheap street food is abundant and delicious. Meat used to only be for special occasions so we really enjoyed it. My family owned a restaurant in Korea. Koreatown in New York is actually quite authentic and the food is very good quality.


DD: What’s your favorite restaurant in Sarasota?

YK: I really enjoy Barnacle Bill’s. I like seafood restaurants.


DD: Where would you like to travel that you have not been?

YK: Italy!


DD: What profession other than opera singer would you like to attempt?

YK: I have two children (a son and a daughter), and I travel so much as an opera singer that I spend a lot of time away from them. I would love to work a nine-to-five job in order to spend more time with my family. I would like to be an elementary school teacher.


DD: What kind of music do you listen to?

YK: I love to listen to classical music and jazz.

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