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Arts and Entertainment Tuesday, Mar. 20, 2012 8 years ago

Get to Know the Sarasota Opera: Sean Anderson

by: Kaye Warr

I had the pleasure of seeing Sean Anderson perform last year in my very first trip to the Sarasota Opera. The show I saw, The Crucible, was part of the Opera's new "American Classic" series, and Sean played the pivotal role of John Proctor. I was so impressed at Sean’s ability to command the stage. His charisma is unabashed and he has that dreamy leading man quality that usually lends itself to romantic comedies. This year Sean is tackling the role of Iago in Otello and according to June LeBell of the Observer, the sweet, handsome John Proctor has all but disappeared thanks to Sean's portrayal of the malicious and Machiavellian Iago. Before you dive into my conversation with Sean, you can check out June's full review on the Observer Group's website.

Dining Diva: You’ve been coming to Sarasota to perform since 2006; do you have a favorite place to eat?

Sean Anderson: For breakfast I would have to say Station 400---they have the best coffee, eggs Benedict and service. I was here when it opened, so I feel like I discovered it and have to send as many people there as possible. For a fancy dinner you can’t go wrong with Ophelia’s on the Bay. My guilty pleasure: the cheese fries at The Sports Page.

DD: Do you like to cook?

SA: I do! I grow my own herbs and love to make soups and stews. Pudding is best when made from scratch.

DD: Where would you like to travel that you have not been?

SA: Paris. I am a history buff and I like to feel the presence of centuries of history all around me.

DD: If you could be something other than an opera singer, what would you be?

SA: A poet or an actor. It’s funny, but every profession that I am involved in or would like to attempt comes with the caveat, “If you can be happy doing anything else, do something else!”

DD: Why should people come to see you in Otello?

SA: Iago is the best baritone role ever written, in my opinion. It is wonderfully layered and the music is amazing. This is the best marriage of music and Shakespeare that you will ever experience.

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