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Robin Draper
Siesta Key Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2011 6 years ago


by: Rachel S. OHara Staff Photographer

1. Keeping the Peace…

Draper enlisted in the Peace Corps and was a Peace Corps volunteer in Ifuluk, Micronesia. There was no running water or electricity and she slept in a thatched hut and ended up eating fish three times a day. She embraced the native culture and went topless for two years. “When in Rome…”, said Draper.

2. Tastes like chicken…

One day the weather was poor for fishing and Draper noticed that the natives were cooking something unique and that everyone was heartily jumping in. Without asking what was being served, Draper began eating the unique dish. She soon noticed that it tasted odd - it turned out to be dog! “Yep, the family pet was eaten,” Draper said and added, “ it actually tasted like chicken! Don't recommend it, however”.

3. Going my way?...

While in college at the University of Florida she parachuted out of an airplane in Palatka, FL. “just for kicks”. Unfortunately, she missed her ride home and had to hitch hike her way back to campus. “That was scarier than jumping out of a plane. Once was enough”.  

4. As a child…

Draper and her friends would run behind the Florida mosquito trucks as they roamed the neighborhoods. While she is still alive, she now looks back on the experience and wonders what they were all thinking.

5. Pass the iced tea please…

Draper was the Marketing Director for the Sonoma County Wineries Association for four years while living in the wine country. As a “Florida gal”, she drank iced tea during the thousands of wine tastings they hosted throughout the United States. “(I) never really fell in love with wine,” admitted Draper.

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