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The Florida Department of Transportation has proposed a roundabout to improve pedestrian safety on Siesta Key, but recently used a subtle measure to do so.
Siesta Key Wednesday, Feb. 19, 2014 3 years ago

FDOT tweaks Stickney Point traffic rules

by: Alex Mahadevan News Innovation Editor

A new traffic sign aimed at improving pedestrian and cyclist safety recently appeared on Stickney Point Road at a busy Siesta Key intersection.

This month, the Florida Department of Transportation installed a no turn on red sign at the turn lane directing traffic northbound onto Midnight Pass Road. Drivers previously had the option of turning right during a red light when there were not any pedestrians near crosswalks.

"We had a citizen who called and said that cars weren't stopping," said FDOT spokesman Robin Stublen.

Instead of coming to a complete stop and yielding during a red light, drivers had been rolling through, prompting "several" complaints from residents.

"It's safety issue and it doesn't impede the flow of traffic," Stublen said.

FDOT engineers studied traffic data to ensure that despite a busy season ahead, the change would not greatly affect trip times.

FDOT recently proposed a roundabout at the intersection of Midnight Pass Road and Beach Road to further improve pedestrian safety as part of a draft work plan. The department is also providing a $1.09 million grant to fund trolley sevice through Siesta Key Village.

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