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Black Tie Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2019 3 years ago

Fashion Insider: Gala ready

See how co-chairwoman Mimi Carlin gets ready for her big event.
by: Kayleigh Omang Contributor

Season is officially upon us, which means we’re constantly getting dolled up. 

Taylor Miller styles Mimi Carlin's hair for the Selah Freedom fashion show.

Mimi Carlin calls herself a tomboy, and even though she

frequents Black Tie events on the regular, getting an extra pampering at Blow la la for the A New Beginning Fashion Show was out of the ordinary. 

“I’m not a girly girl — it’s just not who I am — but I enjoy having that extra bit of attention. There’s something about representing the cause and putting your best foot forward.”

Mimi Carlin gets her makeup done by Corrine Dale.

Carlin was one of the co-chairwomen for the annual Selah

Freedom fashion show, along with Tammy Karp and Donna Koffman, and her daughter also works for the organization. She says because the mission of the organization is bringing light into darkness, so she wanted to be the best version of her “light self” for the evening. 

Tammy Karp is a regular at Blow la la.

Since this is not a regular way she preps for an evening out, Carlin

brought in her dress and accessories and gave full artistic control to her hair and makeup artists. 

“The feeling within me of looking good on the outside was only magnified as I took in the sight of the evening,” Carlin said. “The words of Rumi rang loud in my head, ‘Let the beauty we love be what we do.’”

Debbie Maltese gets her nails done at Paint.

And don't forget to polish off your look with nails. Local lady Debbie Maltese goes to Paint frequently – especially before all the

events – to make sure her nails their best. Maltese says the best part about getting her nails done is it helps show off all the jewelry her husband spoils her with.


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