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Arts and Entertainment Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2012 8 years ago

Fall in Love with Black Bird Home Gallery

by: John Ewing

Wayne Simmons of the Black Bird Home Gallery gives us a survey of the treasures you'll find in his boutique, perfect for Valentine's gifting.

It’s that time of year when Cupid plucks the strings of his bow and strikes the hearts of lovers across the globe with his amorous arrows. Whether you plan to celebrate the holiday with your spouse of 50 years or with a new lover who gives your heart the prom-night jitters every time her hand grazes yours, the pressure of finding the perfect gift for your valentine can be overwhelming.

Black Bird Home Gallery hopes to ease that burden by sharing five ideas to help you capture the magic of a fairytale romance this Valentine’s Day by putting a unique twist on traditional gifts. Whether you and your special someone are falling in love with one another for the first time or celebrating a lifetime together, make this Valentine’s Day a memory you’ll both cherish forever with gifts from Black Bird Home Gallery.Candles: Flickering candlelight illuminating the sparkle of love-struck eyes is a vital ingredient in the recipe for romance. Most are accustomed to candlelit dinners or baths, but as Floridians, we often forget the luxury of our subtropical winters. While February’s chill confines most Americans indoors for their Valentine’s Day festivities, you have the opportunity to enjoy an intimate meal in the privacy of your own backyard, basking beneath the stars with the added warmth of sensual candlelight. Candles make fantastic mood lighting in both indoor and outdoor settings.Champagne flutes: The festive and seductive nature of Champagne’s golden effervescence and luxurious taste long ago solidified its status as a lovers' aphrodisiac of choice. A little ingenuity can go a long way in jazzing up that tradition with the addition of a plump strawberry or succulent pomegranate seeds to a delicate champagne flute. Not only is the visual effect stunning and sensual, but champagne kisses taste even more delicious.

Cashmere throws and pillows: To create a truly romantic atmosphere, it is important be aware of the manner in which the senses of sight, smell, taste, and touch interact with one another and to craft a setting that will tantalize each sense. Scented candles cover the bases of sight and smell, while glasses filled with champagne and fresh fruit delight the taste buds. The sensual luxury of a cashmere throw draped across your skin as you snuggle up together in a nest of pillows will heighten the sensory experience. Nothing says “let’s get cozy” like a plush love-nest comprised of pillows and a soft cashmere cocoon in which to curl up together.Vases: Thinking outside the box---or, in this case, the vase---can yield myriad options for wooing your lover with a unique gift. For many, chocolate holds the keys to the heart. Rather than a cliché heart-shaped cardboard box filled with chocolates, imagine presenting your lover with a vase filled with a hand-chosen assortment of his or her favorite treats such as chocolate covered espresso beans and sinfully dark chocolates. Alternatively, you could fill the vase with aromatherapy bath salts or, for the truly crafty, origami flowers with handwritten messages detailing each of the reasons why you adore your sweetheart.

Picture Frames: Photographs aren’t the only things that can be placed in picture frames. If you are looking for a unique way to present your special someone with those cruise tickets or the itinerary for that romantic getaway you planned, slip them into a picture frame. Not only will your lover be surprised, but he or she will already have the perfect frame on hand to display one of the many pictures you two will take together on your trip.

Each of the items listed above can be found at Black Bird Home Gallery in a variety of styles and brands, as we carry a comprehensive, sophisticated selection of only the highest quality accessories, furniture and art designed to inspire your creativity. We extend our warmest wishes for a happy Valentine’s Day to you and your muse, and a toast to passion and the longevity of love.

- Stop in and visit the Black Bird Home Gallery at 1540 Main St., Tuesdays through Saturdays from 10:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.

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