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Longboat Key Friday, Feb. 26, 2016 5 years ago

Elections Commission dismisses final Jaleski claim

The commission cleared the town of any violation of elections laws when it removed public information from its website about a referendum.
by: Jack Short Staff Writer

The Florida Elections Commission dismissed a second complaint filed by Longbeach Village resident Gene Jaleski alleging that the town improperly influenced a November 2015 referendum by removing information from its website.

The Town Commission voted in September to remove information about a potential neighborhood underground utilities project leading up to the November election in which voters approved a separate Gulf of Mexico Drive project.

Jaleski alleged the Town Commission acted in error by voting without advertising the hearing “because it was casting an unpopular light on the commission’s Gulf of Mexico Drive referendum.”

The FEC dismissed the first complaint in January and sent a letter Feb. 24 deeming the second complaint "legally insufficient" as well.

Jaleski said the he never meant to file separate cases. He filed a second complaint a few weeks after the first to add supporting information to it, including a transcript of a Sept. 9, 2015 commission meeting. 

Jaleski added that he would not pursue the matter any further.

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