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Sue Jacobson, Bert Fivelson, Sarah Elbert, Ursula Pearson, Mimi Edlin and Grant Jones
Sarasota Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2011 6 years ago

Edlin throws joint birthday party


Mimi Edlin held a joint birthday party for four people with the same birthday, Nov. 17, and one with a birthday a few days earlier, Nov. 12, Friday, Nov. 18, at her home at the Sarasota Bay Club. Edlin began this tradition seven years ago as a birthday party for her partner, Alfred Ginewsky, who also shared a Nov. 17 birthday. Ginewsky died last December.

Once Edlin and Ginewsky realized they had so many friends with the same birthday, they decided to make it a joint celebration. Edlin kept the tradition up this year and even invited a last-minute guest, an employee at the Sarasota Bay Club, Grant Jones, who also shares a Nov. 17 birthday.


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