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Arts and Entertainment Friday, Sep. 14, 2012 7 years ago

The discovery of Zija

by: Kimberly Braun

Marcia Ducharme, local Zija distributor, zealously advocates the daily use of the miracle plant moringa. But she is not the only one to do so; in fact, people dating back to 150 BC have extolled the health properties of this common natural plant, also known as "the Miracle Tree." That is a pretty strong testimonial, and Marcia carries the torch in our own present time, trying to spread the news far and wide of this fundamental ingredient in Zija.

Why Zija? In 1998, Marcia suffered from terrible arthritis, leading her to take numerous medications for 13 years. She met a distributor of Zija and tried it. Within a few months Marcia was medication free. This compelling story has sparked her own heart:

"My life of pain seemed pretty hopeless and progressive in intensity, and I hate to see people in that same circumstance. There is a healing, natural botanical that can help them, rather than just mask the pain or symptoms."

 The discovery of Zija happened pretty unassumingly by Ken Brailsford, considered to be the father of herbal encapsulation. Where did he learn about it? From a documentary on the Discovery Channel! The program was dynamic and compelled him to start asking questions of chemists, pharmacologists and more. Eventually discovery and research produced results.

Marcia points out, ‘Since it is all natural, it gives to us what our food oftentimes fails to give --- that is, nutrition." Nutrition gives our bodies what we need to maintain health and bring healing. Marcia boasts of her grandchildren using Zija daily and what advantages they derive from it.

Why wait to discover this alive product? In a world where learning is made easy by the internet, you can visit Marcia’s site. She is also a proud sponsor of Sarasota Naturally, our local green living festival. Come visit her on November 10 in downtown Sarasota.   


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