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Longboat Key Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2009 8 years ago

Deal Us In: readers get chance to bid

by: Donna Swan

Editor’s note: The following “Deal Us In” column ran in the Sept. 27, 2001, issue.

This hand is from an American Contract Bridge League International Fund Game, held at local bridge clubs.
You are West. Bid the hand before reading this column. (Use the chart at right.)

Barring a super-light opening by North or a strange pre-empt by East, West will open one spade (at a few tables, the bidding stopped there), and West finds himself in a safe contract.

At other tables, East somehow found a one notrump bid. After all, his partner opened in fourth seat and should or might have the points for game or even a slam. West, then, jumps to four spades, which doesn’t make East too happy. North-South isn’t likely to beat this contract.

Because East had advertised weakness by his notrump bid, North sees no need for an aggressive opening lead and may lead a trump, which lets West draw trump and lead the ace of diamonds and a small diamond to set up the dummy suit for heart pitches and at least 11 tricks. Any North, who found a heart opening lead or the ace of clubs and a heart-shift, earned his top result.

Donna Swan is a resident of Longboat Key, an ardent bridge player and an American Contract Bridge League certified director who plays “for the fun of it.”


Bayfront Park
Recreation Center

Duplicate bridge games are at 1 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays. Contact Larry Auerbach at 758-2017 to reserve your spot.

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