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Longboat Key Wednesday, Jun. 15, 2011 6 years ago

Deal us in

by: Donna Swan

Bunny Roland, of Bellaire, Mich., sent this hand and writes, “My partner tends to be over-confident regarding my play of a hand. Not only did he make a jump bid with only one ace and two kings, he went on to Blackwood even though I had shown only a minimum opening bid.”

“West led the fourth-best of his partner’s suit. East won the ace and shifted to a heart, and I didn’t like my chances. I knew that East likely had the king of diamonds, so it seemed that the slam would fail.

“I won the trump in my hand and led the Jack of diamonds to tempt a cover in case West had the king, but when the king did not fall, I played the ace from the dummy. I led a low diamond from the dummy, hoping it would look like I would ruff the king. East followed low and I won in my hand with the 10, ruffed a spade in the dummy and ran the trump and the king of spades.
“All hands were reduced to two cards. I had the ace and queen of clubs in the dummy and the nine of diamonds and a club in my hand. East was in an uncomfortable predicament. He had to keep the king of diamonds to protect against my nine and the guarded king of clubs to prevent my queen in the dummy from becoming a trick.

“East decided to bare his king of clubs, in the hope that I would take the club finesse. I played a club to the ace and claimed my slam.”

Amazing. Good job, Bunny.

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