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Sarasota Tuesday, Dec. 1, 2020 3 months ago

County survey finds upbeat attitudes

The 2020 Citizen Survey found that 96% of residents say they are happy with the quality of life in Sarasota County.
by: Brynn Mechem Staff Writer

Sarasota County residents remain happy with the quality of life offered in the county, according to the 2020 Citizen Survey

The annual survey provides county leaders with residents’ feelings on a variety of topics including county services, perceptions on budgeting and overall satisfaction, among other things. 

The survey was conducted by University of South Florida through random-digit-dialing phone calls to a total of 1,250 residents. Residents  age 18 or older were surveyed. 

About 53% of respondents rated the overall quality of life as “excellent,” while another 43% rated it as “good,” for a total 96% positivity rate, compared to a 95% rate in 2019. No respondents rated the quality of life as “poor.” 

Additionally, good feelings remain for household finances, county services and trust in government. 

A majority of the respondents said they would recommend the county as a viable living option to their peers. Around 95% said they’d recommend it as a place to vacation, 92% a place to retire and 73% a place to work. 

The respondents highlighted population growth and new developments as the most important issues facing the county. 

One in four respondents said the county needs to focus on growth in the coming year. Traffic control was another key concern. 

The survey was conducted between Sept. 6 and Oct. 20 and has a margin of error of +/- 2.77%.

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