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Sarasota Monday, Sep. 21, 2009 8 years ago

County incurs $2.3 million in uncollected debt

by: Robin Roy City Editor

County commissioners will vote Tuesday whether to write off $2.3 million in uncollected debt this fiscal year.

The Emergency Services department had the bulk of that uncollected debt. It was unable to recover more than $2 million it was owed for responding to various life-saving calls.

Emergency Services accepts payment from insurance companies, Medicare and Medicaid, but many times the patient incurs a co-payment. Sometimes those patients do not pay the co-payment, and sometimes patients do not have insurance and do not pay for their emergency service.

The county’s Environmental Services department will write off more than $340,000 in uncollected debt, which comes from its 75,000 water-utility accounts.

The county stresses that it is not absolving county residents from their debts and that it will continue to try to collect the money it is owed.

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