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Sarasota Wednesday, Dec. 5, 2012 5 years ago

County hires CSDC Systems, pays settlement for copyright infringement

by: Alex Mahadevan News Innovation Editor

The Sarasota County Commission this morning approved a $2.6 million agreement with CSDC Systems to replace a failed contractor on an information technology upgrade.

Commissioners also approved a $200,000 payment to settle two lawsuits filed by the firm against the county that stemmed from purchasing policy violations.

The county contracted with CDSC Systems in 2003 to buy and implement land management software. Competitors of the firm subsequently sued citing violations in the county’s procurement code, and in 2008, the Second District Court of Appeals voided the contract.

CSDC filed a federal lawsuit in 2011 for copyright infringement, because the county’s building department continued to use its software after the judgment. County Attorney Stephen DeMarsh in a memo to commissioners recommended a settlement to avoid legal fees and the possibility of a judgment against the county.

The firm replaces EnerGov on a project aimed at improving the county’s building department website, and easing permitting services with a new system. Commissioners terminated a contract with EnerGov in June after citing contractor planning mistakes and performance issues.

Commissioners approved the contract with EnerGov January 2011, and the county has paid roughly $987,000 to the firm since March of that year, according to expenditure figures on the county website.

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