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The sign would read, “Drive Safely. In Memory,” and also feature the name of the deceased.
Sarasota Wednesday, Jul. 27, 2011 9 years ago

County adopts roadside memorial-marker policy

by: Robin Roy City Editor

Families of people killed in traffic accidents can now contact the county to have an official marker placed on the side of the road where the accident occurred.a

County commissioners Tuesday adopted a roadside memorial-marker policy.

Those wanting a personalized memorial marker need to fill out an application.

The signs are 15-inch round aluminum markers mounted on a 5-foot pole and read, “Drive Safely. In Memory,” and will be followed by the name of the deceased. They will be placed in the public right of way in the vicinity of the traffic accident and will remain in place for one year.

Fabricating a sign will cost about $230, but because the county is not anticipating many requests, the service will most likely be offered at no cost.

Contact Robin Roy at [email protected].

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