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East County Wednesday, Dec. 26, 2012 5 years ago

Country Club West changes its manager

by: Pam Eubanks Senior Editor

LAKEWOOD RANCH — As Lakewood Ranch Community Development District 6 transitions to Lakewood Ranch Town Hall for management services, the community’s homeowners association will be doing the opposite.

Lakewood Ranch Country Club West, the association in CDD 6, will start property-management services with Advanced Management Inc. starting Jan. 1. Lakewood Ranch Town Hall currently manages it.

The change leaves remaining homeowners associations in Town Hall’s fold — the Greenbrook Village Association, the Country Club/Edgewater Village Association and the Summerfield/Riverwalk Association — with a cumulative $155,000 budget shortfall.

“There’s enough ember equity (in each association) we can tap for this purpose,” Town Hall Finance Director Steve Zielinski said. “There’s not going to be an additional assessment.”

GBVA, CEVA and SRVA adopted their 2013 budgets in October, using the prior year’s allocations for Country Club East as their guideline. Town Hall learned of the pending Country Club East association change in early November.

Zielinski said the money will be taken out of surplus dollars from the budget, and there will be no special assessments for 2013. The impact, however, likely will be in 2014, because an increase in assessments will be difficult to avoid.

Zielinski said GBVA, CEVA and SRVA each have a dedicated property manager; Country Club West did not, because services were spread out among Inter-District Authority (Town Hall) staff. Costs associated with the use of other Town Hall personnel, including individuals in the financial department and others, are included in the $155,000 annual cost.

Zielinksi said CEVA will likely bear the brunt of the cost — $68,000 to $70,000 — because of the community’s size and number of maintenance-free neighborhoods. The best way to redistribute costs, however, is still being determined.

• Supervisor June Stroup requested the operations department get price estimates for repainting the faces of storm drain inlets in the community.
• Treasurer Alan Roth noted Verizon has installed landscaping around its building at the corner of Lakewood Ranch and River Club boulevards, as supervisors requested. Irrigation also has been installed at the site.
• Supervisors voted to keep their respective roles: June Stroup, chairwoman; Jean Stewart, vice chairwoman; Alan Roth, treasurer; Gil Pearce, secretary; and Phyllis Troy, assistant secretary.

• Town Hall Operations Director Ryan Heise said bids for resurfacing sections of The Masters Avenue and Legacy Boulevard are due back Jan. 3. A contractor likely will be chosen at the board’s February meeting, with construction starting soon thereafter and continuing through April 26.
• Supervisors were assigned to their roles: Pete Bokach, chairman; Tom Green, vice chairman; Kathleen Grant, treasurer; Mike Finney, secretary; and Dick Moran, assistant secretary.

• Town Hall Operations Director Ryan Heise met with county officials regarding erosion of the Braden River near the Vistas community and a walking trail. “We want to meet with the county to see what we can do to keep it from getting worse,” he said.
• Supervisors voted to keep their respective roles: Michael Griffin, chairman; Keith Davey, vice chairman; Joe Sidiski, treasurer; Stacy White, secretary; and Nancy Johnson, assistant secretary.

• Supervisors continued discussions about giving Country Club East residents access to the Lakewood Ranch Golf and Country Club via transponder at the Players Drive gate at Lorraine Road. Developer Schroeder-Manatee Ranch is seeking 100 transponders for Country Club East residents who are members of the Country Club.

CDD 5 residents are concerned about safety issues; SMR has agreed to remove and replace certain landscaping near the intersection that residents say is causing line-of-site problems, if transponder use is approved, Town Hall Director of Operations Ryan Heise said.

• Supervisors voted to change the time of their agenda review meetings from 3:30 p.m. the third Tuesday of the month to 2:30 p.m. Now, the CDD 5 meeting will be held immediately following the district’s joint meeting with CDD 2.

• Supervisors voted to keep their respective roles: Tom Bishop, chairman; Dave Emison, vice chairman; Alan Silverglat, treasurer; Tom Leavey, secretary; and Marty Cohn, assistant secretary.

• Supervisors voted to keep their respective roles: Tom Green, chairman; Jean Stewart, vice chairman; Dave Emison, treasurer; Nancy Johnson, secretary; and Richard Williams, assistant secretary.

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