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Cops Corner
Siesta Key Thursday, Jul. 25, 2013 4 years ago

Cops Corner: Sarasota


July 17
5:00 p.m. — 500 block of South Pineapple Avenue.
Petit Theft. When opening his store, a man noticed two potted plants were missing from behind his shop. He reached out to several other business owners in the area — one also had a potted plant taken, and another said things have been taken from behind his store.

July 18
2:00 a.m. — 300 block of Canal Road.
Criminal Mischief. A man, staying in a vacation home, heard noises early in the morning, but didn’t think anything of them. After waking up in the morning he noticed one of his rented cars had a flat tire. Later, he noticed a nail stuck in another wheel and paint scratched off the car. A second rental car had a nail stuck in the wheel and scratched paint, as well.

July 19
Noon — 900 block of Gary Street.
Burglary. Two people returned from out of town to find their house had been broken into. The burglar pried open a closet safe, and the residents said $3,000 and health supplements were missing. While searching the safe, officers found small pieces of what appeared to be marijuana. After checking other areas of the house, the officers returned to find the pieces were missing, and the residents denied any knowledge of marijuana in the house. Later, officers noticed what appeared to be marijuana in plain view in the kitchen and living room and placed those items into property.

July 20
6:30 p.m. — 1700 block of Carver Court.
Criminal Mischief. A woman was going to take her teenage son bowling, but he said he didn’t want to go and asked for money instead. After the woman told him no, the son got upset and went into the back room, where he punched a hole through the TV. The son, bleeding, left the area on his bicycle. When cops approached him and noticed the cut, he said it was from punching a television.

July 21
1:05 a.m. — North Lime Avenue.
Petit Theft — Shoplifting. A man at a convenience store took two 18-can packs of beer out of a cooler and then ran out the door and down the street.

12:20 p.m. — 900 block of Beach Road.
Criminal Mischief. A woman was waiting for a car to pull out of a spot at the beach parking lot so she could park her car. As she was pulling in, a man was attempting to save the spot for his friend. When she took the spot, the man yelled and swore at her. She returned to the car later to find the car had been keyed.

July 22
3:17 a.m. — 3000 block of North Osprey Avenue.
Criminal Mischief. A woman and her friend were sitting in the living room of her house when her sister came to pick up a cell-phone charger. The sister started kicking the door and asking where the charger was, and the woman told her it was next to the door. The woman then heard her front window break, and believed her sister either kicked the window or threw a chair from her porch through the window. After leaving the residence, the sister began texting the woman and threatening to burn the house down. 

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