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Cops Corner
Sarasota Thursday, Aug. 22, 2013 4 years ago



Aug. 13
9 a.m. 900 block of Beach Road. Petit Theft. An unknown person stole the left front tire from a car parked in a beach parking lot. The vehicle was found resting on a cement block when the victim returned to the car.

Aug. 15
2:16 p.m. 4000 block of North Shell Road. Animal Problem. A man was seen on a county beach with his dachshund, which is in violation of a county ordinance. When an officer approached the man, he asked if he was being targeted for some reason, because he has been cited for having a dog on the beach four times in the past. The man said there were three other dogs on the beach, but stated he wasn’t going to do the officer’s job for him when asked to point them out.

9 p.m. 200 block of Midwest Parkway. Petit Theft. A woman said a metal no-trespassing sign was taken from her backyard. The woman said she has an ongoing dispute with her neighbors, who park in her yard and throw beer bottle caps into her yard. She suspects the neighbors took the sign. One of the neighbors said none of their family members took the sign, and they want to be friendly with the woman.

Aug. 17
8:15 p.m. 700 block of Gillespie Avenue. Dispute/Fight. A woman said another woman would not leave her alone and demanded to be her girlfriend. The woman said she has a boyfriend and has told the other woman she is not interested. The other woman said she wanted the woman’s romantic intents documented.

Aug. 18
10:49 a.m. 1600 block of Ringling Boulevard. Suspicion Person. A person called to report that three men were in the park next to the building she was in, and that they were using electrical outlets in the building to charge their phones. When police contacted the men, they said they’d go somewhere else to charge their phones.

11:20 a.m. 2100 block of North Washington Boulevard. Petit Theft — Shoplifting. A man at a convenience store took a frozen chimichanga meal and left the store without paying for it. Surveillance video could not identify the man.

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