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Cops Corner
Sarasota Thursday, Oct. 31, 2013 4 years ago

Cops Corner: Sarasota


Oct. 26
12:05 a.m. — 1500 block of 30th Street. Suspicion General. A woman said passwords of her Gmail, Facebook, PayPal and personal website accounts had been changed. Several of the accounts used a phone number or email address as verification, both of which belonged to a former friend of hers, she said. The woman said she and the former friend had a falling out, and she believed the former friend was changing all the passwords.

9:30 a.m. — 4000 block of Bahama Drive. Dispute/Fight. A man was in a dispute with an employee of his. The dispute began due to some money that was owed to the employee, the man said. The man said he believed the employee took some of his tools as a result of this dispute, and he was unable to contact the employee to resolve the problem.

Oct. 27
Noon — 500 block of North Beneva Road. Theft — Shoplifting. A man entered a department store and went to the jewelry counter. He asked to see some promise rings. After being given one of the rings, the man started walking toward the door. An employee asked him to give the ring back, but he refused, running out of the store and into a waiting vehicle.

9:30 p.m. — 1800 block of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Way. Petit Theft From Building. An employee at a meat store said his phone was stolen while he was working the front counter. Security footage showed that a man paid, and when the employee looked away, the man grabbed the phone off the counter before exiting the store.

Oct. 28

12:55 a.m. — 5200 block of Ocean Boulevard. Disturbance. A man told an officer another man tried to start a fight with him while walking down the sidewalk. The officer went to a convenience store the second man had been walking toward and asked an employee if he saw anyone matching that description. The employee said there was a “crazy guy” in the restroom. The man was hostile, but called his parents to pick him up to prevent any further problems.


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