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Sarasota Thursday, May. 10, 2012 5 years ago

Cops Corner: Sarasota


April 29
Turn it down
2:36 p.m. — 2500 block of South Tamiami Trail.
Noise Violation. Hotel staff agreed to turn down the music after a neighbor complained.

9:55 p.m. — 1800 block of Main Street. Theft. A woman told police she realized her debit card was missing when she returned home. When she went to the bank to get a new card, she discovered $300 had already been withdrawn from her account.

April 30
1:32 a.m. — 2700 block of Bahia Vista Street.
Trespassing. A security guard asked police to trespass two skateboarders who were using the top floor of a garage as a skate park.

9:15 a.m. — 2000 block of Bee Ridge Road. Suspicious Circumstance. A man told police that he sprained his knee when he had to jump out of the way of a Sarasota County Area Transit bus. The man claims the bus came barreling through the intersection even though he had the right of way, according to the crosswalk signalization.

Pressing charges
10:08 a.m. — 4600 block of North Tamiami Trail. Theft. Restaurant staff made plans to press charges against a former waitress who left without turning in $120 she owed at the end of her shift.

Tag trouble
10:20 a.m. — 1300 block of Main Street. Theft. A man reported that the decal from his Florida tag had been stolen from his car.

Motorcycle mishap
12:10 p.m. — Intersection of First Street and Orange Avenue. Vehicle Crash. A man driving a motorcycle had to lay it down on the ground while he was driving to avoid a car that merged into traffic right in front of him. The driver of the car was found at fault for failing to yield while turning.

May 1
7:05 a.m. — 800 block of East Avenue.
Animal Nuisance. Someone reported two loose puppies running around in the road. The owner was located, and she told police they had gotten loose from her backyard. Upon further review, police deemed the puppies weren’t being properly cared for. The woman said she had small children and couldn’t care for them properly. Animal Control was called to take the puppies away.

8 a.m. — 1200 block of First Street. Burglary. A construction manager told police that someone stole his company computer, Internet card and briefcase that were hidden under his desk in the portable office.

2 p.m. — 500 block of South Palm Avenue. Criminal Mischief. A woman reported that when she went to retrieve packages in front of her building, she noticed a candleholder on her porch was shattered and that someone had deliberately yanked a landscaping light out of her garden, causing $100 worth of damage.

Medical supplies missing
2:11 p.m. — 2800 block of South Tamiami Trail. Theft. The office manger of a medical weight-loss clinic reported that several items were missing, including a laptop computer, from a medical office room. The office manager said two contract employees that had access to the room were suspected of the theft.

May 2
12:04 p.m. — 1300 block of 12th Street.
Civil Disturbance. A woman told police she gave a man some of her belongings that he intended to sell at a shop he was opening downtown. The shop, though, never opened, and she’s having problems getting her belongings back.

Bumper cars
1:09 p.m. — Intersection of Gulfstream Avenue and U.S. 41. Vehicle Crash. A woman yielding for traffic before she merged onto U.S. 41 was struck from behind. Minor damage to both bumpers was reported.

Parking problem
4:20 p.m. — 2000 block of Eighth Street. Suspicious Circumstance. A man complained that people keep parking their cars on his lawn.

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