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Cops Corner
Cops Corner, Sarasota
Sarasota Thursday, Jan. 25, 2018 10 months ago

Cops Corner: Police remove untagged dog from business

A round up of this week's most interesting police reports.


2600 block of Hyde Park Street

Property damage: While a woman was driving down the street, she heard a loud noise that sounded as if an object struck her car. She then heard a loud fizzling sound, as if something were on fire. She kept driving and stopped at a nearby gas station. When she got out, she found a significant amount of paint was burned off the rear passenger side of her car. She believed someone threw something at her vehicle. An officer observed a chemical appeared to have burned the paint off the car. 


1300 block of Main Street

Lost/found property: A man left his coat at a restaurant. When he returned, it was not there. He spoke to management, who said nobody had turned the coat in. The management also said they could not view surveillance video footage because it is costly for them to do so. 

Jan. 22: STORE PET

3500 block of North Tamiami Trail

Assist other agency: A store employee called the police about a loose dog inside the business. After first noticing the dog running around the store, workers were able to get it outside, but it later came back inside. When an officer arrived at the store, the employee was holding onto the dog, which was not aggressive. The officer and employee could not find any tags on the dog, so the officer called Animal Services to take control of the dog. The employee gave the officer a box of dog treats to take with the dog.

Jan. 22: SHOOT! 

2900 block of Michigan Street

Property damage: A woman noticed a small hole in her bathroom window and glass on the floor. The woman told an officer it appeared the damage was from a pellet gun, because she found a pellet on the floor of her bathroom. The woman suspected her neighbor might be responsible for the damage. She said she planned on repairing the window herself but did not want something like this to happen again. The neighbor said he owns a pellet gun, but did not shoot the woman’s window. He said his nephews visited last week and could have possibly caused the damage, but he was not sure. The neighbor said he would speak to the woman and help her with any repairs, if needed.

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