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Cops Corner
Siesta Key Thursday, Aug. 11, 2011 6 years ago

Cops Corner: Pelican Press


July 28
Just give me a report
9 a.m. — 4300 block of Mangrove Place.
Civil Disturbance. A woman told a deputy she was helping a couple move from their $4.5 million estate. She said a moving company had been hired to fill five PODS for the cross-country move. She told a deputy she believed some of the furnishings had been stolen; however, she could not say what those items were. The deputy told her he could not write a theft report without knowing what was taken. The woman said she just wanted a report to give to the insurance company. The deputy complied.

Mr. Manners
10:31 p.m. — 5000 block of Ocean Boulevard.
Driving Under the Influence and DUI Property Damage. A man started an argument with a restaurant owner about his bar tab. After the dispute was settled, the manager asked the intoxicated man if he needed a cab. The man refused and got into his car. The next thing the manager heard was the man crashing his car into the restaurant’s wooden railing. When a deputy arrived, the man refused to take a breath test or a sobriety test. He was arrested and asked again at jail if he would take a breath test. His response: “%#$! you.” The man was asked three more questions. His answer to all three: “%#$! you.” The deputy wrote in his report, “I interpreted his responses as a refusal to submit to a breath test.”

Aug. 1
Some help unloading
9 a.m. — 900 block of Beach Road.
Vehicle Burglary. A man arrived home in the early morning hours, unloaded some items from his Jeep and took them into his condo. He left some other items in the vehicle and did not lock it. What happened next was no surprise. The following morning, the man discovered that someone had completed the unloading of his Jeep. Stolen were three microphones and a $450 speaker.

GPS needs a GPS
8:40 p.m. — 5600 block of Midnight Pass Road.
Vehicle Burglary. A woman had been driving around in her car for a full day before realizing it had been burglarized. She had noticed that the passenger-side door was slightly ajar, but she thought that was because beach chairs on the seat kept it from closing completely. She finally realized a GPS and battery charger that belonged to her employer had been stolen. There are no suspects, but several fingerprints were found on the car.

Aug. 2
Creep alert
7:20 p.m. — North Shell Road and Higel Avenue.
Suspicious Person. The parent of a young teenage girl witnessed the following: A man in a car, with dark, tinted windows, honked his horn at the girl and her friend, who were walking down the road. The man then tried to block their path with his car. He rolled down his window and asked the girls to approach his car. The girls tried to get his license-plate number, before they turned to run, but were unable to do so. When the parent began to drive toward the man, he stepped on the gas and squealed his tires as he sped away on Higel Avenue.


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