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Longboat Key Wednesday, Apr. 3, 2013 4 years ago

Cops Corner: Longboat Key


March 22
Stop your soliciting
7:40 p.m. — 500 block of Wedge Lane.
Soliciting. A resident reported a man came to his home and tried to give him a brochure. He told the man he was in violation of the town’s soliciting ordinance. Approximately 30 minutes later, the resident saw the man still sitting in his vehicle. The resident wasn’t able to get a license plate number.

March 23
1:57 a.m. — 3400 block of GMD.
Domestic Disturbance. A woman argued with her intoxicated husband and woke him up after he fell asleep to continue the argument. He woke up, went to the bathroom to vomit, then tried to go back to sleep, but she wanted closure and tried to get him to talk. He then hit her on her head, causing her to fall into the closet. The man said he was defending himself. He was arrested for domestic battery.

March 24
Injured cyclists
9:02 a.m. — Longboat Pass Bridge.
Off the Key. Two cyclists were injured while riding in a group over the grated portion of Longboat Pass Bridge. Both cyclists were taken to a hospital for treatment of lacerations and possible head injuries.

Man of the (terry)cloth
9:41 a.m. — Bay Isles Parkway and Harbourside Drive. Suspicious Person. Police received three calls about a man walking around wearing only a robe. A witness who spoke with the man said he was fine and was just out for a walk.

March 25
Road run-in
1:19 p.m. — 4300 block of Chatham Drive
. Rescue. A woman was riding her bicycle when a pickup truck driver pulled through a stop sign and caught her tire, causing her to bump her knee. The pickup truck driver drove her home at her request, and her neighbors called police. The woman said she was shaken up but not injured and didn’t want police to complete an accident report.

Pit bull pull
1:52 p.m. — 600 block of Marbury Lane. Animal. A man asked his neighbor to keep his pit bull on the leash because he has small children. The neighbor said he had just gotten out of the car and the dog jumped out with the leash still attached. The dog went a few feet into the street before going back into the home. Police told the neighbor about the town’s ordinance that requires dogs to be leashed when they aren’t on private property.

Abandoned bicycle
3:23 p.m. — 5500 block of GMD. Property Found. A property manager turned in a purple girl’s bicycle that several juvenile males left on the property. Police could only read the last five digits of the serial number and took the bicycle into storage for safekeeping.

March 26
Wake-up call
7:37 a.m. — 800 block of Evergreen Way.
Disturbance. After police responded to a report of yelling, a man told police he was trying to wake up his sons by banging on the door to make a scheduled tee time. When his sons woke up, the man wasn’t happy with the condition of the rental unit and let them hear about that at as well.

March 27
Road rage
7:15 a.m. — Longboat Pass Bridge.
Reckless Driving. A man said he was driving the speed limit on Gulf of Mexico Drive when a driver started tailgating him and yelling obscenities. Police couldn’t find the other driver. 

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