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Cops Corner
Longboat Key Wednesday, Apr. 2, 2014 3 years ago

Cops Corner: Longboat Key


March 20
Personal space

11:06 a.m. — 1200 block of GMD. Public Service. A property manager showed police a vehicle that was parked in a unit owner’s space. Police determined the vehicle was registered to another unit owner. The manager said he would contact the owner to tell him to move the vehicle.

No one’s home
2:05 p.m. — 3000 block of Grand Bay Blvd. Welfare Check. Police responded to a lost-property complaint but did not get an answer at the resident’s door. The officers received permission from the captain on duty to enter the residence to check on the occupants. No one was inside, and the unit was not disturbed.

Drinking and ducking
7:17 p.m. — 100 block of Broadway. Suspicious Person. A man tried to hide from an officer’s view by ducking between two parked cars. He was trying to conceal an open container of beer under one of the cars. Police confiscated his expired driver’s license and gave him a written warning for the open container.

March 21
Doggie don’t

12:09 p.m. — Intersection of Gulf of Mexico Drive and Bayport Way. Dog on the Beach. Police gave a written warning to a woman who was holding her small brown dog on the beach.

March 22
Medical emergency

2:11 p.m. — 3400 block of Winding Oaks Drive. Welfare Check. A woman’s friend became concerned because she did not show up for their tennis date. Her neighbors repeatedly knocked on the door but received no answer. Police entered the woman’s home and found her lying on the bathroom floor but conscious. Firefighter/paramedics transported her to a medical facility.

Scratched and dented
4:23 p.m. — 7000 block of Firehouse Road. Vandalism. A man reported his rental car had been vandalized two or three days ago and showed police scratches and a dent on the vehicle.

Constructive criticism
6:49 p.m. — 600 block of Triton Bend. Code Enforcement. Police warned a man who was doing tractor work after 5 p.m. about the town’s construction-hours ordinance. He did not know about the ordinance and said he would follow it in the future.

March 23
Play with fire, get burned

9:44 a.m. — 100 block of N. Shore Road. Camping. An 18-year-old man accidentally stepped into a fire he and his friends built while illegally camping on Beer Can Island. One of his friends drove him to a clinic for treatment, and they returned at 1 a.m. to spend the rest of the night in their tent. Police discovered the two men camping the next morning after receiving an anonymous call. Firefighter/paramedics treated the man’s foot. Police called both of their fathers and gave them written warnings.

Get your own chairs
4:10 p.m. — 7000 block of GMD. Civil Disturbance. A resident argued with a man whose four children were lying on chairs that belong to the neighborhood. The man said he thought they could use the chairs as long as they stayed in front of the complex’s beach area. Police told him the chairs were private property, and the man agreed to leave.

Abandonment issue
7:33 p.m. — 600 block of Yardarm Lane. Abandoned Vehicle. A man reported a suspicious vehicle and said he was concerned because of prior thefts in the neighborhood. Police said they would try to contact the owner.

Storage wars
7:36 p.m. — 2400 block of GMD. Property Damage. A man keeps his bicycle in a locked storage room that only condo residents can access. He found his rear tire flat and seat broken. Another bicycle was damaged approximately two years ago. He wants the condo owners association to put a camera in the room.

March 24
Cryptic crash

12:07 p.m. — 4400 block of Exeter Drive. Property Damage. A man went to a baseball game, Anna Maria Island and Publix before parking his car in his condo’s parking lot. The next morning, he discovered a dent in his vehicle. He believed that a red SUV could have damaged his car, but police found no evidence that his vehicle was hit while parked in the space.

March 25
Forgot to lock up

3:06 a.m. — 700 block of Broadway. Security Check. Police found a dining room door unlocked at a restaurant.

Keep it civil
10:55 a.m. — 5100 block of GMD. Civil Disturbance. A woman said that she and a condo president disagreed about the use of an office, and the president changed the locks. Police told her it was a civil matter.

Double trouble
2:54 p.m. — 6500 block of GMD. Larceny. A man learned from his handyman that someone rifled through two of three vehicles parked on his property, then broke into a shed and stole a bicycle. A similar incident previously occurred on his property.

The one that got away
3:52 p.m. — 5100 block of GMD. Rescue. A man took a small sailboat into the Gulf and capsized three times in rough conditions. Officials rescued the man but were unable to find the sailboat.

Look under their hoods
11:33 p.m. — 1000 block of GMD. Suspicious Circumstance. A security guard thought he saw someone standing in the parking garage, then noticed three youths standing behind a concrete barrier; the youths ran off after he yelled at them to come to him. He described the youths as white males wearing black hooded sweatshirts.


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