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Longboat Key Wednesday, Apr. 11, 2012 5 years ago

Cops Corner: Longboat Key


March 29
Debit card discovery
2:31 p.m. — 6800 block of GMD.
Property Found. A salon owner turned in a debit card she found at the north side of her business to police.

March 30
Couple’s quarrel
6:48 a.m. — 500 block of De Narvaez Drive.
Disturbance. A couple got into an argument inside and outside the woman’s home as both the man and woman attempted to leave. After both parties calmed down and said they were going to separate locations, police allowed them to leave.

Cooler caper
7:38 a.m. — 600 block of General Harris St. Narcotics Violation. A Public Works employee looked for identification in a cooler he found and instead discovered two suspected crack pipes, a syringe, copper mesh and a red rag.

Paper trail
1:02 p.m. — 600 block of Cedar St. Soliciting. A resident complained that a Bradenton advertising paper intentionally was thrown on his property and others throughout his neighborhood.

April 1
Two sides to the story
3:15 p.m. — 100 block of N. Shore Road.
Parking Violation. Police issued a parking violation to the owner of a vehicle blocking a private driveway. The vehicle owner said that he wasn’t blocking it because it is a roundabout driveway and the owner could still use the other side. Officers told the man to contact the police chief if he wants to contest the citation.

Suspicious Vehicle
8:29 p.m. — 1100 block of Bogey Lane. Suspicious Vehicle. Police investigated a white SUV parked in a driveway and found that it was the property owner’s son-in-law’s vehicle.

April 2
Missing wallet
10:27 a.m. — 5300 block of GMD.
Lost/Missing Property. A man realized his wallet, containing four credit cards and a debit card, was missing. He last saw it the night before when he paid for his dinner at a restaurant.

Trash talk
1:53 p.m. — 6800 block of GMD. Dumping. Police responded to the dumpster area of a shopping center where an unknown person had dumped old junk-boat seats and cushions. The plaza’s owner told police that illegal dumping has been an ongoing issue.

No dogs allowed
2:47 p.m. — 100 block of N. Shore Road. Dog on the Beach. Police issued a written warning to a man who had his three dogs on the beach.

Bright lights
10:25 p.m. — 800 block of Jungle Queen Way. Suspicious Vehicle. A man reported that his dogs began barking at a small white Toyota stopped outside of his home that backed out of the roadway as he walked out of his house to write down the car’s tag number. The man said that the driver turned on his bright lights, possibly to prevent him from seeing inside the car as it backed down the road.

April 3
Security Check
1:14 a.m. — 3100 block of GMD.
Security Check. Police found the entrance of an office’s front door unlocked and contacted the key holder, who secured the building.

Missing the marker
11:02 a.m. — Off the Key. Public Service. Police observed a missing day marker on the north side of a boating channel and contacted an environmental-services agency.

Kayak theft
3:12 p.m. — 6500 block of GMD. Larceny from Private Property. A man reported that his inflatable kayak was stolen from the area outside his rental home overnight. The man said that there were tracks indicating that the kayak was taken to the Gulf’s edge. Police were unable to find the kayak.

Dog-free zone
4:15 p.m. — 100 block of N. Shore Road. Dog on the Beach. Police informed a man of town ordinances after seeing him on the beach with a dog.

Dog fight
5:25 p.m. — 700 block of Gulf Bay Road. Animal Nuisance. A woman told police that her dog was approached aggressively by a boxer dog while walking in a park. Police couldn’t find the boxer or its owner.

Cycle of road rage
6:38 p.m. — 5600 block of GMD. Disturbance. A man and woman swerved their vehicle to avoid a group of bicyclists riding side-by-side in a bicycle lane. An argument ensued, and a bicyclist tossed water onto the man and woman in the car. Police found the cyclists, who said the driver was not obeying the 3-foot rule and was coming close to them, possibly trying to frighten them. The cyclist who threw the water said he didn’t know it hit the occupants and apologized.

April 4
Fishing rod expedition
1:41 a.m. — 400 block of GMD.
Public Service. Police found a fishing-rod display on the front sidewalk of a gas station that was closed for the night. The store’s key holder told police that it was accidentally left outside when the store closed. Police placed the display near the store’s back door.

April 3
Camera found
9:24 a.m. — 3300 block of GMD.
Property Found. A town employee turned in a camera she found on a beach-access picnic table while having lunch the day before.

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