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Longboat Key Wednesday, Apr. 25, 2012 5 years ago

Cops Corner: Longboat Key


April 8
Lost and found
1 p.m. — 5400 block of GMD.
Lost/Missing Property. A woman reported that she dropped her iPhone while cycling but found it after police told her she could track the device using a GPS feature on the phone.

April 9
7:28 p.m. — 5400 block of GMD.
Larceny. A man reported that his kayak, which he keeps chained to a tree, was missing.

April 11
Hide and seek
6:29 a.m. — 2000 block of GMD.
Suspicious Person. A condominium manager saw a woman near the property’s dumpster who began playing a “cat-and-mouse game,” disappearing in and out of buildings and eventually hiding behind a sand dune. Police were unable to find the woman.

A dog’s right to be heard
6:38 p.m. — 300 block of N. Shore Road. Animal Nuisance. A woman told police that she listened to a neighbor’s dog bark all year but that day she had enough and shouted over her fence that she was going to call police. She followed through and called police. Police told her that intermittent barking isn’t a violation of town ordinances but told her to call again if the barking becomes excessive.

April 14
Pool party
9:13 p.m. — 800 block of Jungle Queen Way.
Noise Disturbance. Police were dispatched to a home where a loud pool party with a deejay was under way. The homeowner agreed to turn down the music.

Taxi duty
9:19 p.m. — 4000 block of GMD. Public Service. Police gave a 77-year-old woman a ride home. The woman appeared intoxicated and told a taxi driver that she didn’t have any money to go further.

April 15
Under control
1:56 a.m. — 2300 block of GMD.
Disturbance. A man who claimed his girlfriend was intoxicated and out of control called police requesting help. By the time police arrived, the man and woman said there were no problems and that they would go to bed.

7:53 a.m. — Gulf of Mexico Drive and Broadway. Suspicious Vehicle. Two women who were asleep in a car parked in an abandoned gas-station parking lot told police that they were coming home from St. Armands Circle and stopped because they were too tired to drive. The driver said that she felt rested enough to resume driving and left the area.

Security check
11:40 a.m. — 3300 block of Bayou Sound. Suspicious Circumstance. A man was taking measurements for an estimate on home improvements when he found an unlocked door at the back of the home. He opened it and set off an alarm. The man told the gatehouse guard what had happened before leaving the area. Police spoke with the homeowner and were able to lock all but one of the home’s doors.

Booze ban
2:40 p.m. — 100 N. Shore Drive. Code Enforcement. Police warned a 21-year-old man who had a cooler on the beach that possession of alcohol on the beach is a violation of town ordinances.

Day at the beach
2:41 p.m. — 5600 block of GMD. Dog on the Beach. Police gave a written warning to a vacationer who had his medium white dog on the beach.

Lovers’ spat
7:10 p.m. — 1000 block of Longboat Club Road. Assault. A 73-year-old Longboat Key man’s 23-year-old girlfriend had been drinking and picked up a steak knife during an argument. The woman, who was visiting from Chicago, said that she had no idea what he was talking about and just wanted to catch a flight home. Police gave her a ride to the airport after both the man and the woman refused to give statements.

Not-so-silent treatment
7:42 p.m. — 200 block of N. Shore Road. A choking victim became agitated and took a swing at a firefighter/paramedic after telling them to “get the (expletive) out of here.” Medics cleared the scene and determined no further treatment was needed.

April 16
Warning signs
12:06 a.m. — 300 block of N. Shore Road.
Code Enforcement. Police escorted two night time beachgoers back to their vehicle and pointed to signs that prohibit parking and being on the beach between 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Garden grab
8:36 a.m. — 5200 block of GMD. Larceny. A man reported a white wicker basket with metal leaves and plastic white flowers missing from outside his home.

Damaged goods
1:07 p.m. — 600 block of Marbury Lane. Property Damage. A woman reported that a landscaping company damaged her property while working on a neighboring yard. Police contacted a company supervisor who had already spoken to a town representative to clarify property boundaries and agreed to fix the damages.

April 17
Proceed with caution
4:24 p.m. — 5300 block of GMD.
Reckless Driving. Police warned a driver to use caution after a caller reported seeing his vehicle swerving and possibly striking the curb on a bridge.

April 18
Written warnings
12:33 a.m. — 100 block of GMD.
Code Enforcement. Two men and a woman received written warnings for being in a park after hours in possession of alcohol.

Going overboard
10:52 a.m. — Gulf of Mexico Drive and Broadway. Suspicious Person. A man staying on his sailboat lost control of his dinghy and fell into the water. He admitted that in doing so he was probably quite loud. Police drove the man and his companion to a bus terminal on Coquina Beach.

Flashy photo-op
11:36 p.m. — 800 block of Longboat Club Road. Suspicious Vehicle. A resident called police to report a man was standing on a private road behind the Islandside gates in front of his silver BMW being photographed. The man lives behind the gates and was authorized to be on the road but agreed to leave at police request.

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