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Cops Corner
East County Wednesday, Aug. 24, 2011 6 years ago

Cops Corner: East County


The following information was gathered from incident and arrest reports obtained from the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office.

Reported Aug. 17
10:12 a.m. — 10600 block of Forest Run Drive.
Criminal mischief. The victim reported three fence posts on her property had been damaged while she was out of town. The bottom of the three posts were cracked and crooked. The victim stated she suspects her neighbor may have done it and thinks he will admit to it if he was questioned. She stated she thinks the reason her neighbor did it is because he stole items from their house and he was charged with a felony. The victim stated she thinks he would be getting revenge on her for pressing charges against him.

Aug. 14
5:30 p.m. — 8200 block of Cooper Creek Boulevard.
Grand theft. The victim reported money had been taken from her wallet while at her place of business. She left her items at a corner table in the dining room with only one customer in the restaurant. When she returned, she found her wallet was missing. She attempted to locate the money by backtracking her steps, but the wallet wasn’t found. When she returned, she found her wallet had been placed back with her stuff minus $400 that had been inside. She questioned everyone there, which included employees and one patron. Nobody physically observed anybody take or put anything back.

Aug. 15
5 p.m. — 8400 block of Garden Circle.
Telephone harassment. The victim reported an ex-employee has been threatening him over the phone. He stated he has tried numerous times to get the former employee to stop calling him. The victim said he fears the former employee will follow through with his threats and cause harm to the victim and his family.

Aug. 16
10 a.m. — 5000 block of Creekside Trail.
Scheme to defraud. The victim reported an unknown person, claiming to be his grandson, called him and had him Western Union $3,995 to Spain.

Aug. 14
2 p.m. — 6200 block of State Road 64 E.
Theft. The victim reported her boyfriend stole the radio from her car and pawned it. She stated she allowed him to borrow her car after he dropped her off at work. That’s when he removed the radio from the car and pawned it to get money to buy drugs. The victim stated her boyfriend admitted he pawned the radio, and she also found the pawnshop receipt in her car.

Aug. 17
11:45 a.m. — 6225 S.R. 64 E. (Walmart)
. The victim reported her wallet had been taken from her grocery cart while she was shopping in the school supply section of Walmart. The victim notified the assistant manager, and members of the store’s staff checked the trashcans with negative results. The Walmart manager advised the victim that video surveillance didn’t cover that area of the store. The victim has already canceled her Chase debit card and Macy’s credit card.

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