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East County Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2012 5 years ago

Cops Corner: East County


Jan. 21
Money does grow on trees!
3:14 p.m. — 11000 block of Hyacinth Place.
Found property. The complainant reported she found a wallet in a potted plant on her property. She stated her next-door neighbor had a party that was well attended Dec. 31. She stated the neighbor who had the party gave her some potted plants that had been used as decorations at the party Jan. 4. The neighbor Jan. 5 left to return to England. After she found the wallet, the complainant contacted the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office and her neighbor, who identified the wallet as belonging to a guest at the party. The wallet was itemized and released back to the victim.

Jan. 23
Wrong way
10:22 a.m. — The intersection of Ninth Avenue Circle Northeast and Kay Road. Information. An unknown vehicle driven by an unknown person attempted to enter the community through the exit gate. The vehicle struck the gate, causing about $4,000 in damage. The vehicle exited through the entrance gate. The whole incident was captured on video, which was unable to be viewed at the time of the report. The security office will attempt to bring in the video.

Jan. 24
4:55 p.m. — 5700 block of 48th Street Circle East. Grand theft. The complainant has lived at the residence since Dec. 15. He rents one room and lives in the house with three other people. Since he moved in, he has noticed his belongings have been missing. He stated the value of the missing items is about $3,000. He didn’t previously report the theft, because his room is so full of his belongings that he wasn’t sure what had been taken, although he noticed things were missing repeatedly. He has a lock on his door, but he sometimes leaves it unlocked. There were no signs of forced entry to his room. The homeowner stated nothing else is missing from the residence other than the complainant’s belongings. The complainant is going to prepare a list of stolen items and bring it to the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office when it is complete. He was issued a case number on a victim’s rights brochure.

Loss of love
1 p.m. — 1400 block of Brambling Court. Burglary. The victim reported her laptop was stolen out of her bedroom. When the theft was discovered, she noticed her daughter’s ex-boyfriend was hanging around the residence near the daughter’s bedroom window. The ex-boyfriend was confronted and not found to be in possession of the computer. He fled the area prior to deputy arrival. At this time, the victim hasn’t discovered any other items missing from the residence. No forced entry was discovered. The value of the missing computer is about $300.

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