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East County Monday, Sep. 5, 2016 4 years ago

Cops Corner: East County 09.08.2016

Enjoy this week’s edition of Cops Corner!
by: Jay Heater Managing Editor

Aug. 21


500 block of Rye Road N.E., Bradenton

Burlary: Two people entered a residence that was not occupied and without permission from the building's owner. One of them began to remove several handles from cabinets inside the single family home and then left to place the handles in his vehicle. The two people then left. On Aug. 26, they returned to the residence again where they were discovered by Sheriff's Office deputies. The items that had been removed were still in one of their vehicles and in plain view. One person confessed to taking the handles and was arrested and transported to jail.


Aug. 26


7100 block of River Hammock Drive, Bradenton

Suspicious incident: A woman called the Sheriff's Office because her doorbell, which has a camera integrated into it, took a photo of a woman walking up to the front door, but not ringing the bell or knocking. The woman then turned and walked away. Five minutes later, another woman walked up to the front door and also did not knock or ring the doorbell. One of the women was recorded as saying "I got it." The homeowner believes the women were playing Pokemon Go, but wanted to document the incident. 

Aug. 26


6300 block of State Road 70, Bradenton

Two female college students were in the classroom and, while on a break, one student was walking through the classroom while looking at a paper with the other student coming the opposite direction. The two bumped into each other. One said, "Really?" She then said the other student did it on purpose. The other student said "If I wanted to bump into her, I would have made her teeth fall out." The student looking at the paper then said "Wait until I see you outside," and left the classroom. The Sheriff's Office was called. The other student said she was trying to avoid confrontation and went home. A plan was put into place for the two to avoid each other.

 Aug. 27


8900 block of Manor Loop, Bradenton

Criminal mischief: As a woman left her home with her boyfriend, they thought they heard someone nearby say "Let's do it now" before another person replied "No, it is too early, someone might see us." The resident and her boyfriend continued to leave, but upon their return, they noticed something shoved inside the main door lock. The resident attempted to remove the debris, and it was discovered to be mulch. The woman broke her door key attempting to get unlock her door. She had to call a locksmith to gain entry into her home. The cost to clean the lock mechanism and rekey was $118. She called the Sheriff's Office, which received a statement from the locksmith confirming that mulch was jammed inside the lock. A report was taken.

Aug. 27


8300 block of 38th Street Circle East, Sarasota

Vehicular buglary: A woman reported to the Sheriff's Office that an unknown person had gained entry to her car on two consecutive nights. On the first night, she believes she left the vehicle unlocked. The second night, she said she was sure she locked the vehicle. The first night, she said her vehicle was rummaged through but nothing was missing. The next night, she said her car seat had been adjusted, the radio station was changed and the volume was turned up and someone had been smoking in the car and had left a lighter behind. She said she remembered leaving a spare car key in an old purse that was missing from the first night. The incident was documented.



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