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Cops Corner
East County Wednesday, Jun. 26, 2013 4 years ago

Cops Corner 6.26.13


May 30
10:20 a.m. — 7000 block of 84th Street Court E
. Information Only. A deputy responded to an animal-abuse call. The owner of the house in question was not home. The deputy observed five small pigs, each weighing 15 to 20 pounds, in a 20-foot-by-20-foot enclosure. The pigs appeared in good health. Their enclosure was covered to protect them from the weather, and there was plenty of food for the pigs and an automatic watering system to hydrate them. There was also a large tub in which the pigs could cool off. The deputy found no evidence of abuse.

June 17
3:27 p.m. — 2900 block of 53rd Avenue E.
Theft. A woman took a tank-top from a store and concealed it in her purse. She then walked to the sporting-goods area and selected several fishing lures, which she put in her purse. She exited the store without paying. Loss-prevention specialists confronted the woman. Deputies arrested her.

7:23 p.m. — 600 block of 67th Street Circle E.
Theft. A motel guest reported someone stole his cell phone. He said he left the phone in his motel room and returned to find it missing. He then called his phone from the motel front desk. No one answered. Only motel staff had access to his room.

7:51 p.m. — 5000 block of Medalist Road
. Petit Theft. The Collier County Sheriff’s Office tried to contact a man about a stolen vehicle decal. The Manatee Sheriff’s Office contacted the man, who said his decal had been stolen. The man did not know where the theft occurred. He did not know he had to report the decal as stolen.

June 18
5:56 a.m. — 12500 block of Cara Cara Loop
. Open Garage Door. While conducting a neighborhood patrol, a deputy saw a car with its dome light on inside an open garage. The deputy knocked on the home’s door. No one answered. The deputy called the home phone listed for the address, but the line was busy. The deputy looked through the home’s windows, but saw no one inside. The deputy closed the garage door.

2:28 p.m. — 1200 134th Street NE
. Criminal Mischief. Two parties are in a civil dispute over a turkey and its babies. An unknown person entered the victim’s yard and broke the lock to the turkey pen, releasing the turkeys. Later, the turkeys wandered back inside the pen. The pen sustained $10 in damages.

June 19
6:45 a.m. — 8600 block of State Road 70 E
. Drug Possession. A deputy responded to a gas station to a report of a person passed out inside their car. An EMS employee brought the person back to consciousness. Afterward, the deputy found a blue pill bottle, without any prescription markings on it, on the passenger’s seat of the car. The bottle contained two types of hydromorphone. The deputy also found two syringes and a bent, silver spoon with a white powdery substance between the center console. The vehicle owner was arrested.

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