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Cops Corner
East County Wednesday, May 11, 2016 6 years ago

Cops Corner 5.12.2016

Comical crime reports from around the area.
by: Jessica Salmond Staff Writer

Somebody's locked out
May 4
6100 block of 55th Terrace East
Found property: A woman was out for a walk in her neighborhood and found two different sets of keys on the street. She wasn’t sure who they belonged to but decided it was unusual to find so many misplaced keys, so she called the Sheriff’s Office to notify it of the incident.

She left her mark
April 28
11200 block of 2nd Ave. East
Criminal mischief: A woman called to report that her garage door had been vandalized. A female friend of the woman’s daughter had drawn graffiti on the door with a marker because she was upset that the mother kicked her daughter out of the house.  The mother knows the girlfriend did it because she admitted to it over the phone. The repair will cost $300.

Open-and-shut case
April 28April 28
1300 block of 56th Court East
Burglary: Someone entered a home currently under construction and stole 15 windows. Since the home is being built, it doesn’t have any securable doors or windows yet. There were no witnesses or a surveillance camera to check. The windows were valued at $2,000.

He ripped off her limbs
May 2
17000 block of Waterline Road
Theft: A woman owns a tree farm. A man arrived to pick up a second load of trees, but he hadn’t yet paid her for a load he picked up the week before. He got the trees and left again without making attempts to pay for them.  The two had had an agreement that he could go and sell the trees and bring back the purchase money. She didn’t have his contact information and the tag of his vehicle was not registered to anyone

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