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Cops Corner
Longboat Key Wednesday, Jul. 27, 2011 6 years ago

Cops Corner


July 21
Identity issue
4:17 p.m. — 5400 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive. The former city editor of the Longboat Observer reported that a man who identified himself as the city editor called a Longboat Key supermarket to ask about the status of a development project. The supermarket manager who talked to the man said the man on the other end of the phone was rude and that he had to hang up on the man. N.B. It will be much harder for the rude male caller to impersonate our new female city editor, Robin Hartill.

July 17
Is this the going weight?
9:56 a.m. Theft. A man told police that a neighbor took several weights from his garage. Police found that the weights were returned. The man said that the neighbor made threatening remarks after the weights were returned and had previously offered him an ounce of marijuana in exchange for the weights.

July 20
Where’s the fire(works)?
9:54 p.m. — 2600 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive. Code Enforcement. After police received an anonymous complaint, a man admitted to setting off fireworks with his children on the beach. The incident ended without a bang when the man told police he didn’t know fireworks were prohibited and would comply with a written warning.

July 23
Lock and key
2:39 a.m. — 4200 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive. Security Check. A man secured the door and reset the alarm of a church office after police found it to be unlocked.

Did that look like a parking spot?
3:30 a.m. — 1400 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive. Property Found. Police placed a bicycle into found property after discovering it parked halfway in the bushes.

Day at the beach
12:34 p.m. — 1600 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive. Trespassing. A man and woman apologized to police after they were observed using the gazebo at the Colony Beach & Tennis Resort to store their belongings while they swam in the Gulf.

Signing off
5:11 p.m. — 5400 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive. Code Enforcement. Police confiscated 18 advertising signs placed along the right of way throughout Manatee County side of the island and left a voicemail with the company stating that the signs were at the police station.

July 24
Lost necklace
3:16 p.m. — 500 Broadway. Lost Property. A man told police that his $3,000 necklace probably fell out of the baggy shorts he was wearing during a scooter ride he took earlier. The man said that he put the necklace in his pocket earlier and forgot about it. Police were unable to find the necklace.

July 25
No trespassing
1:11 a.m. — 100 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive. Trespassing. Three men received written warnings after police found them in a park after hours.

July 21
No driver’s license
9:13 a.m. — 4400 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive. Traffic Violation. Police arrested a man after he admitted he had never had a valid driver’s license. The man, who was pulled over for driving 10 mph over the posted speed limit, handed police a Mexican voter registration ID. The man was transported to the Manatee County Jail.

Cycle safekeeping
11:09 a.m. — 5500 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive. Rescue. Police took two bicycles to the police station for safekeeping after one of the cyclists fell while riding in a park. Longboat Key Fire Rescue took the injured rider and the other cyclist to Sarasota Memorial Hospital.

Happy ending
11:57 a.m. — 2700 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive. Rescue. A 40-year-old man was reunited with his family after police received a report that the man was missing and may have drowned. The man had ventured further north than his family was aware.

Missing person
4:30 p.m. — 2300 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive. Assist Other Agency. Police were unable to locate a missing 88-year-old man reported to have Alzheimer’s disease.

July 23
In the bag
9:45 a.m. — 5600 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive. Property Found. Police returned a purse to a woman who had left the bag at a convenience store.


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