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Cops Corner
Sarasota Thursday, Jan. 28, 2010 7 years ago

Cops Corner

by: Robin Roy City Editor

Jan. 18
Fiddler on the roof
12:37 a.m. — 1500 block of Main Street
. Suspicious Incident. Several teenagers were seen on the rooftop of a building. The complainant said they were running back and forth on top of several buildings.

Awful pickup line
1:25 p.m. — 5200 block of Echo Lane
. Harassing Phone Calls. A woman has been receiving harassing phone calls for the past three weeks. She said the man on the other end of the phone sounds like he’s drunk and mumbles a lot. He’s called her about 20 times, and each time, he tells her he loves her. In the most recent call, he told her he was right outside her home. She called the sheriff’s office. The woman doesn’t recognize the man’s voice, and she said she wasn’t on bad terms with anyone.

Jan. 19
Something’s fishy here
8:55 a.m. — 2300 block of Margaret Street
. Burglary. After a night of drinking, a man had his friend drive him home just after midnight. When the man woke the next morning, he said his house was ransacked. His 32-inch television and video-game system were gone. The man said his doors were all locked, and the only entry point could have been a dog door. Although he didn’t have an explanation about how a 32-inch TV could fit through a dog door. A neighbor told police that when her husband went to work at 4 a.m., the victim’s door was wide open. She said she had to call police on the victim a few days earlier, because he was pounding on her door at 2 a.m., asking to use the phone. When she refused, he began cursing at her. She said he sounded drunk that night. The neighbor said the victim’s house constantly has cars stopping there for a few minutes and then leaving.

That’s some premium fruit
11:25 a.m. — 2100 block of Bay Street
. Petit Theft. A homeowner told police he caught some people picking black sapote fruit from his tree. He yelled at them, but they picked a few more pieces before driving away. The man valued the stolen fruit at $100.

The deer hunter
12:50 p.m. — 7300 block of South Tamiami Trail
. Disturbance. The complainant said a man came into his store and asked if the owner was there. The employee told the man he was not, and the man asked if the owner had gone hunting. The employee thought the man was one of the owner’s friends and told him that, yes, the owner had gone hunting. The man began pacing and said, “I can’t wait to kick his *** .” A sheriff’s deputy contacted the storeowner, who said he and the man had both received permission to hunt on someone’s property. About three weeks ago, the man called the storeowner and asked if he went hunting without him. The storeowner told him that he did, and the man threatened to kill him. Deputies were not able to contact the man.

Next time, try
8:27 p.m. — 2200 block of Bahia Vista Street
. Suspicious Incidence. A caller reported two men walking door-to-door, saying they were trying to meet people for a college project.

Jan. 20
Clowning around
1:12 a.m. — Oak Park Avenue and 15th Street
. Suspicious Incident. In the area where the circus is set up, the complainant heard glass break and saw two shadows slink away.

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