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Cops Corner
Longboat Key Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2010 10 years ago

Cops Corner


Feb. 3
Unwelcome greeting
10:38 a.m. — 500 block of Putting Green Lane
. Animal Nuisance. A woman called police to report that when she arrived at a woman’s home to do some work, a Lhasa apso dog ran up and bit her on the hand and the foot. The woman was treated for minor injuries, and it was verified the dog was current on his shots.

Locked up
10:50 p.m. — 10 block of Avenue of the Flowers
. Security Check. Police found the east door of an Italian restaurant unlocked and secured the door.

Mistaken identity
11:34 p.m. — 400 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive (GMD)
. Suspicious Person. A woman called to report that a hitchhiker stood in the middle of the road to try to get her to stop her car. Police found the man, who denied the claim and said he was waiting for a taxi. His story checked out, and he accepted a ride to his destination in Holmes Beach.

Feb. 4
No deal
9:31 a.m. — 5800 block of GMD
. Property Damage. A couple said that as they backed their truck out of a potential client’s driveway, the accelerator stuck, which caused the truck to back into a palm tree that fell onto the roof of the house. Damage is estimated at $1,000 each for the truck and house.

Lock your car doors
11:52 a.m. — 1000 block of GMD
. Vehicle Burglary. A woman reported someone entered her unlocked Cadillac while it sat in a parking garage and removed the cover of its center console. Nothing appeared to be missing from the vehicle.

Feb. 5
Public relations
8:15 a.m. — 500 block of Putter Lane
. Soliciting. A resident reported that a real-estate agent had distributed blue plastic bags with realty information in them throughout the neighborhood. The resident was worried that a burglar would target the houses where the bags were not picked up. The Realtor agreed to come out and collect the bags.

In search of relaxation
12:58 p.m. — 7100 block of Longboat Drive East
. Larceny. A man reported that a $300 tan-colored, metal pool- lounge chair was missing from his boat dock. The man believes someone in a boat must have swiped the chair.

Visitation rights
1:43 p.m. — 3200 block of Bayou Road
. Suspicious Circumstance. A man reported that a home in foreclosure had received an unwelcome visitor. A sliding door was found unlocked upstairs, and clothes and furnishings were lying about sparsely. Pool equipment was also disturbed, and copper pipes were lying on the ground.

Parcel out punishment
3:27 p.m. — 100 block of Sands Point Road
. Larceny. A woman told police someone took two packages that were delivered to her office. The boxes contained mail and a pair of shoes.

Feb. 6
All bark
7:16 p.m. — 500 block of Spinnaker Lane
. Animal Nuisance. Police responded to a noise complaint and found two dogs barking loudly. The homeowner was issued a written warning, and he agreed to keep his sliding doors closed.

Feb. 8
Tool taken
12:19 p.m. — 5400 block of GMD
. Larceny. A sewer-and-pipe company reported that someone stole a $13,000 pipeline cutter from a job site on Longboat Key where sewer pipes were being replaced. The owner does not believe that any of his employees stole the cutter.

Feb. 9
Wallpaper goes AWOL
3:58 p.m. — 7000 block of Longboat Drive East
. Lost Property. A woman called to report that four rolls of natural-grass wallpaper valued at $80 were missing from the south side of her carport.

Permission granted
5:10 p.m. — 700 block of St. Judes Drive North
. Boat. A man called to report that someone tied up a 23-foot sailboat to his dock without permission. Once he found out his neighbor left her boat there, he agreed to let her keep it there.

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