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Cops Corner
The complainant called police to report a Jaguar blocking his driveway.
Sarasota Thursday, Sep. 16, 2010 7 years ago

Cops Corner 09.16.10


Sept. 4
8:30 a.m.
— 2800 block of Clark Road. Criminal Mischief. A woman got into her car in the morning and noticed that her fuel tank was fuller than it was the night before. The car broke down shortly afterward. A mechanic discovered that the tank had a significant amount of water in it — so much that it could not have been accidental. The woman suspects her neighbor, with whom she has problems. He’s accused her of being a prostitute. She noticed the neighbor watching her from his garden just before the crime occurred. A deputy interviewed the neighbor, who denied any wrongdoing. He told the deputy that the evidence will show he couldn’t have placed water in the gas tank, because he went to bed shortly after midnight the night before. The deputy noted that information was peculiar, because he did not tell the neighbor what time the crime happened.

Sept. 6
Too tipsy
1:01 a.m.
— 1100 block of Ritz Carlton Drive. Disorderly Intoxication. A hotel guest began screaming at another guest in the hotel lobby, because she was upset with the other guest’s boyfriend. The responding officer found the first guest to be drunk and confrontational. The woman was handcuffed and taken to an alcohol-treatment center. But the staff there couldn’t control the woman. She lifted up the center’s water cooler and smashed it on the ground. The staff locked themselves in an office and called police to come pick her up.

Daddy’s little girl
9:40 a.m.
— 2400 block of Waldemere Street. Petit Theft. A man reported the theft of 20 blank checks from his home. The checks were written for a total of $1,200. When the man went to the bank to file a forgery report, he looked at one of the checks and recognized the handwriting on it as his daughter’s. He also recognized the name of the recipient of the $1,200 — her boyfriend. The father said he just wanted to file a report, so the bank would reimburse him.

Hidden meaning
10:01 a.m.
— 2100 block of Grove Street. Obscene Phone Calls. A young woman received a text message from an unknown number that was a series of symbols. She did not know what it meant. She later received an identical message, so she asked a friend what was the meaning behind the symbols. The friend told her that the symbols, when placed together, created a lewd image. She suspects her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend sent the messages.

Sept. 7
Backpack mystery
6 a.m.
— 1300 block of Harbor Drive. Suspicious Incident. A homeowner found a black backpack lying in his driveway. He went back inside his home and checked the driveway about a half-hour later and the backpack was gone.

Parking problem
7:59 a.m.
— 2200 block of Tami Sola Street. Illegal Parking. The complainant called police to report a Jaguar blocking his driveway.

Sept. 8
Foul play
5 a.m.
— 1 block of Bayfront Drive. Disturbance. A woman reported two men harassing her near the park restrooms. She told police they were making foul remarks toward her. An officer responded and separated the two parties.


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