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Cops Corner
Sarasota Thursday, Sep. 2, 2010 7 years ago

Cops Corner 09.02.10


Aug. 23
Reverse psychology
11 p.m.
— 4800 block of Reno Drive. Family Disturbance. A husband and wife were arguing, because he came home drunk and was yelling and cussing and the wife didn’t want him to wake up their kids. The husband told the deputy that his wife punched him in the face, but when the deputy noticed there were no marks on his face, the husband said that he was a boxer, so he wouldn’t show any injuries. The husband told the deputy to use psychology or sociology to determine that his wife was lying. When the deputy told the husband that the wife denied throwing a punch, the husband said that he could interview someone better than the deputy could. The husband said he had to call law enforcement on his wife before, because she was beating their car with a blender. There were no such reports filed. The deputy told them to sleep in separate beds that night.

Sub conscious
1:54 p.m.
— 3400 block of Clark Road. Petit Theft. A young man wearing a white shirt was seen walking through a supermarket and carrying a sub sandwich and drink. He walked past the cashiers without paying and ran into a pickup truck. He didn’t notice that an employee wrote down the truck’s license plate number. After locating the address where the truck is registered, a deputy knocked on the door. A young man in a white shirt answered the door, and before the deputy could say anything, the young man said, “I didn’t mean to take the sub and soda. I was going to go back and pay for it.” He was immediately arrested.

Aug. 24
Night rider
2:29 a.m.
— 4600 block of Redbay Way. Suspicious Persons. When his two outside motion detectors went off in the middle of the night, a man walked out of his home to investigate. He saw two teenagers dressed in all black with black hoods over their heads. The homeowner yelled at them, and they ran away. The homeowner then jumped into his car and tried tracking them down but was unsuccessful. Nothing was disturbed outside his home.

Aug. 23
Bus flasher
7:21 a.m.
— 1600 block of Ringling Boulevard. Suspicious Person. Officers searched for a man who is accused of exposing himself several times on public buses.

Aug. 24
Flirting with disaster
6:55 a.m.
— 1600 block of Main Street. Suspicious Person. Police received a report of a woman repeatedly walking into traffic and then ducking back off the street.

See ya, sucker
9:10 a.m.
— 4400 block of Bay Shore Road. Civil Problem. A worker said he saw someone take an industrial vacuum from a tool shed. The worker asked the man if he had permission to take the vacuum. The man replied that he did. After the man left, the worker checked with his boss, who said he never told anyone they could take a vacuum. Police called the man with the vacuum, and he said he would immediately return it.

Hot wired
11:38 a.m.
— 1900 block of Morrill Street. Assistance. A man locked his keys in his car while it was still running. An officer was able to unlock the door by pushing a piece of wire underneath the window.

Aug. 25
Door jam
12:16 a.m.
— 2200 block of Hibiscus Street. Suspicious Noise. After hearing a strange noise a woman called police. When officers arrived, they noticed a large door had fallen off its hinges. The woman told them the door was rotting, so she wasn’t surprised it fell.


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